You’ve made needed life changes, now what do you do?

First Segment

Guests:  J.R. Atkins with the Perspectives Pulse and Katie Deolloz


Perspectives with Ashley Berges dives into the waters of post change.  We’ve used the Berges7 to make major changes in our lives, we’re feeling on fire.  After the initial adrenaline and fight or flight mode ends we can begin to feel sad, confused, and wonder if we made the right decision.  Tonight’s show is about the space and emotions after executing that big change.

Second Segment

When you make big changes to your life, you’re thrilled at first with yourself for having the courage to make the much needed changes.  However, due to our conditioning of being accustomed to unhealthy situations and relationships, we feel scared and weird when the disfunction is not around.  Berges tells how to embrace the new you and how not to return back to disfunction.

Third Segment

The Perspectives Pulse offers 3 unique networking events to check out with JR Atkins.  Joining Perspectives with Ashley is Katie Deolloz.  Katie is a privacy advocate dedicated to informing people about the importance of data protection.  She’s currently working in operations and marketing with  As we discuss the resent wiretapping and the US government coming forth and stating they are listening to all of our calls and monitoring our internet searches, Katie gives us ways to move past that and comfortably handle resent news.

Fourth Segment

Berges gives her listeners the ways and means of dealing with the new you.  If you use the Berges ways as guideposts, you will get through this time in your life with your head held high and you won’t go back to the negativity and disfunction.  You owe it to yourself to listen to this show and take your power back.


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