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All the Single Ladies, Find Mr. Right now.

Get out of your routine.  If you’ve been going to the same places over and over and nothing, stop going to those places.  (Change is your friend) Start getting involved in what you love.  If you love kayaking, surfing, cooking, biking, etc-do that-get in a group or organization or classes and you will meet others […]

Stop Losing Sleep & Make Changes Now

Stop losing sleep & make needed changes in your life now! Are you losing sleep at night? Do you lay in bed with your mind racing? Are you constantly thinking about a specific situation in your life that’s causing you stress and headache and wondering what to do about it? Are you telling everyone you […]

How to lower your stress and feel better about your life and yourself.

How to lower your stress and feel better about your life and yourself. Dress to De-Stress As a human, you get dressed everyday to take on the world.  Each day you face dilemmas and roadblocks that create stress. This stress, if not regulated daily can cause anything from back pain, acid-reflux, bleeding ulcers, heart attacks, […]

Do you self sabotage yourself?

Do you self sabotage yourself? How do you know when you are self-sabotaging yourself? Do you ever partake in self-sabotaging behavior?  Does it seem that you begin this type of behavior when things are going smoothly in your life?  Many people tend to work to one goal or another and then in down time, or […]