Perspectives with Ashley Berges

The Survival of Human Kind Depends on Clear Communication [Ep: 648]

Without communication, humankind will ultimately fall apart. With the enhancement of technology, texting, emailing, and instant messaging we have lost the art and respect for old-fashioned communication. It’s amazing the misunderstandings that are taking place in our world based on the inability of a person to accept a call or to pick up the phone. Recently I had a situation that took place that had me worried, concerned, and baffled. When I called the other person to get clarity as to what was happening they sent my call immediately to voice mail. After that, we proceeded to text over and over again creating only more bad blood and zero resolve.
A human to human relationship could have been saved if the other person would have answered the phone to clear up the situation. Clarity would have been swift and quick and all would be right in everyone’s world except one person chose not to communicate. This show discusses the power of listening and the power of mindful interaction in relationships and how it will prevent misunderstandings, fights, and arguments. Later in the hour Dan Nelson our resident historian joins us to tell us about currency, a coin shortage much like today, and how they dealt with the coin and money shortage in the 1600s in French Canada.

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