Perspectives with Ashley Berges

Helping Children Understand and Process Memory Loss in their Elders. [Ep.698]

Join Awilda Prignano and I today on Live Your True Life Perspectives. Awilda is an acclaimed children’s author with her book: Loving Lulu. Awilda’s book is based on her real life experience of being her mother’s primary caregiver, after she was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia (the form of dementia that the late Robin Williams had, before he tragically committed suicide). Her book is written to help children understand and process memory changes and memory loss of a loved one. In the story Lulu and her Grandmother spend time together and over time her Abuelita/grandmother begins to develop memory loss, and Lulu realizes she can help her Grandmother feel loved and special. Listen today around the country on AM radio or on our Youtube channel @ashley berges

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