All the Single Ladies, Find Mr. Right now.

This post was written by Ashley Berges

Single Ladies Find Mr. Right Now

  1. Single Ladies Find Mr. Right NowGet out of your routine.  If you’ve been going to the same places over and over and nothing, stop going to those places.  (Change is your friend)
  2. Start getting involved in what you love.  If you love kayaking, surfing, cooking, biking, etc-do that-get in a group or organization or classes and you will meet others who also like/love what you like/love.Single Ladies Find Mr. Right Now
  3. Stop going backwards.  There is usually a huge reason why someone is an EX…Stop going back to old flames to
    look for a successful relationship.  This action just makes it that much more difficult to find the right guy.  It also takes your eye off the “prize” because you know you, you will become emotionally raped up with this ex and another year will go by and you are still single.
  4. Don’t waste time with a PA.  A passive-aggressive person is a potential problem.  If you are looking for Mr. Right, he’s not a passive aggressive.  If you feel as though you aren’t getting the full story, you are confused on what this person does, and you feel you are getting the run around…you probably are.  Move on!Single Ladies Find Mr. Right Now
  5. Work on your life dream daily.  Whatever your dream of your life is, do something each and every day to get closer to attaining that dream.  When we work on ourselves we have a much better chance of finding Mr. Right.
  6. End the cycle.  Don’t jump from relationship to relationship.  Instead, take some time between relationships to get straight with you and consciously dump that emotional baggage and learn from each relationship.  Dating just so you aren’t alone is a BAD idea.
  7. Love yourself and believe in yourself.  When you do this someone will come into your life that has the same values as you.  You can’t see something in someone else that you don’t possess.  (Important!)Single Ladies Find Mr. Right Now


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  1. Debbianne says:

    Yes, change IS your friend… but you can literally go to a place you’ve been going to for years and suddenly have a very different experience. Change your mindset and there’s no need to change outward things—they will change automatically. Focus on what you do want, and when thoughts of what you don’t want arise, shoo them away with an Affirmantra like “Love and Happiness” or “things are working out for me” etc. Doing things you love is a beautiful and powerful idea that I too recommend.
    Happy MANifesting, ladies!