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How to achieve your purpose without becoming sidetracked

How to achieve your purpose without becoming sidetracked    Recently I experienced frustration that came about because I didn’t know that I knew the next step to take, on my life path.  When you tend to your life path, you deal with every emotion, you’re learning in every process, and you either continue on, stop, […]

Stop Losing Sleep & Make Changes Now

Stop losing sleep & make needed changes in your life now! Are you losing sleep at night? Do you lay in bed with your mind racing? Are you constantly thinking about a specific situation in your life that’s causing you stress and headache and wondering what to do about it? Are you telling everyone you […]

Meeting Kalyn from Big Rich Texas for the first time

Meeting Kalyn for the first time Life Coaching Session #1 Big Rich Texas Season #3   Scenes from the first life coaching meeting with Kalyn: Kalyn and I were meeting for the first time.  I realize that for some of my clients, in the beginning, they are a bit uneasy with the entire […]

How to get along with your family this holiday season by creating memories not misery!

How to get along with your family this holiday season. Why have misery when you can make this the best holiday yet?   Everyone on this planet has at least one person that likes and possibly gets thrills from pushing your buttons.  Sometimes, that one or several people are also family members.  During the holiday […]

Big Rich Texas Life Coaching

On Big Rich Texas, Kalyn, my client and I begin with discussing the here and now.  In order for me, the life coach, to understand what is occurring in a client’s life, I must obtain the information by listening with intent to my client on what is truly happening in their life, and the emotions […]

Do you self sabotage yourself?

Do you self sabotage yourself? How do you know when you are self-sabotaging yourself? Do you ever partake in self-sabotaging behavior?  Does it seem that you begin this type of behavior when things are going smoothly in your life?  Many people tend to work to one goal or another and then in down time, or […]

The tools to eliminate personal regret, and how to know what you want to be when you grow up.

The tools to eliminate personal regret, and how to know what you want to be when you grow up.   Several of my clients as well as friends are going through a timeless issue.  No matter how old you are, no matter how long you’ve been settled and have a job, no matter what business […]

What is Regret?

What is regret?   Regret is a verb defined as: to feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done, esp. a loss or missed opportunity). Synonyms for regret: verb: repent, mourn, be sorry, lament, and rue. Noun synonyms: repentance, remorse, sorrow, grief, and contrition.   How does regret feel?   […]

Regret: How does it feel? (continued)

Technique #2:  Don’t lose out like last time, so jump in head first to anything.   Many people use this technique because they don’t want to be on this side of regret so they jump into anything and everything without doing their homework.  Not wanting to feel regret is understandable but jumping into situations without […]