Gain a richer experience from the book by joining me as I dive deeper into each chapter through a 10 video master class. Included is a free PDF copy of The 10 Day-Challenge to Live Your True Life.

Product Description

Some individuals are visual learners, others auditory learners. Often times (especially in areas such as these), more questions arise from an insightful passage or perspective.Being able to ask questions or have more content to fully understand a concept provides even deeper healing and progress. While producing these video coaching sessions, I would like you to take down questions you have after reading the chapter, watch the corresponding video session to see if I answer your question(s). If not, please leave a comment so I can personally respond. If it is a personal nature, you can email me instead. 

Each chapter of the book represents 1 day of the coaching process. Below is the subject of each day:

Day 1- Your Time and Energy are Important!
Day 2 – Dealing with Negative Energy-Suckers in Your Life.
Day 3 – What are You Doing Right Now? The Mindful-Mind vs. The Thinking Mind. 
Day 4 – Expectations are Overrated.
Day 5 – Do You Love Yourself?
Day 6 – Be Yourself (and By the Way, Who are You?)
Day 7 – Time Travel, Do You Have a Time Machine?
Day 8 – You are What You Eat. You are What You See and Hear. 
Day 9 – Doing What is Right for You…Within Moderation.
Day 10 – Empowerment.