Did you just end a relationship? Feeling lonely and scared? Are you looking for guidance and personal understanding? Do you want to work on yourself and find your true identity? Are you having trouble figuring out how to get started? In order to begin working on ourselves we need to get to know ourself by becoming a friend to ourself. In order to be a friend to yourself you must take the time and make the effort to see your value separate from others and separate from relationships.

The 10 Day Challenge Master Class helps you to understand who you are, what you stand for, your values, morals, beliefs, allows you to understand boundary creation and how to stand up for yourself. In order to take control of our happiness, we must understand why we do what we do and ultimately understand where certain mental programming began.

Product Description

The 10 Day Challenge master class is a valuable resource to anyone who wants to find their true identity and live true to themselves and their beliefs. For the most part, most of us live for other people. We live to save or help others and spend little to no time working on and taking care of ourselves. Our purpose on this planet is to look within ourselves and find our truth, and in order to do that we have to let go of distractions that take away our attention. It’s easy to find someone who needs help, someone who has more issues than you to “save” however this is pure deflection. When we deflect our attention on others we’re telling ourselves through action and choice that we don’t really matter. Are you ready to understand your choices clearly? Are you ready to make changes to your personal programming that keeps you in specific relationship and emotional loops? In this class you will begin to understand and accept yourself for you. You will also begin to realize the value of being and you will use this knowledge to empower your life.

Each chapter of the book represents 1 day of the coaching process. Listed below is the subject of each day:

Day 1- Your Time and Energy are Important!
Day 2 – Dealing with Negative Energy-Suckers in Your Life.
Day 3 – What are You Doing Right Now? The Mindful-Mind vs. The Thinking Mind. 
Day 4 – Expectations are Overrated.
Day 5 – Do You Love Yourself?
Day 6 – Be Yourself (and By the Way, Who are You?)
Day 7 – Time Travel, Do You Have a Time Machine?
Day 8 – You are What You Eat. You are What You See and Hear. 
Day 9 – Doing What is Right for You…Within Moderation.
Day 10 – Empowerment.