Life is a series of events, situations, and choices. You have the power to do anything.

First Segment

Guests:  Joe Petricca, the Executive Vice Dean of the American Film Institute and Conservatory.  Mr. Petricca is responsible for oversight of administrative functions for the AFI Conservatory, National Workshops and special projects.  He oversees the Directing Workshop of Women, the Sloan Foundation funded programs and the Catalyst Workshop.  He has written for Robert Osborne on Tuner Classic Movies and has taught/spoken at film festivals, trade shows. and colleges around the world.  He was awarded a Chevalier of Academic Palms from the French government for contributions in Los Angeles to French cinema.  Joining Perspectives is Cynthia Smoot with her weekly segment: Out & About with Cynthia Smoot.

Berges begins with discussing how life is a series of events, situations, and choices.  You have the supreme power to make choices and decisions in your life.  Throughout each minute of your life, you are able to chose to live with love or fear.  A person’s life is filled with day-to-day existence which contains events of grandeur and events of the humdrum.

Second Segment

Berges talks with Joe Petricca, Vice Dean of AFI, about how some people say that reality is a lot more interesting than fiction…I suppose it depends on whose mind’s eye you are looking through on either side!  Film parallels life and allows us to see things in different ways, allows us to sit back and laugh at ourselves when fun is being poked, sometimes offering a sense of unity, and other times a sense of fear.

Third Segment

Berges and Petricca talk film and how film can create certain feelings and beliefs.  Also, how to create and use your imagination to change your life and the world around you.  Inspiration can be found anywhere, here are the tips to creating a world of love and peace.  How to live in love and not fear.

An article that speaks of love without fear with family:

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