Why do we all have our own unique life perspective?

First Segment

Guests:  Mike Dyce, Sarah Jones, & Jeff Thaxton

Weekly Segments: Jake Busey with the Busey Minute & Cynthia Smoot w/ Out and About with Cynthia

All of us have a different perspectives on anything and everything because of our past, upbringing, family, and environment.  All of these facets of life serve to morph the way we think, the way we see things, and the way we interrupt what we see.  Because we all have an entirely different family, upbringing, living environment, womb, education, raised with religion/without religion, from different countries, therefore we think differently and see things inherently different from others.  These things paint our lives differently and with these differences come different ways of interrupting everything.  However, even though we see things differently and have different perspectives, we are humans and being understood by another human is top priority!  How do we do this with everyone being different?

Second Segment

Ashley and her studio guests go through various normal and sometimes humorous life scenarios to point out the variances of perspective when it comes to anything and everything and how it relates to life on all levels.  Tonight’s show is a lively and entertaining experiment to show how different we are but also how we can understand one another.  It takes learned skill and practice but you too can understand anyone and where they are mentally and emotionally coming from.

Third Segment

Perspectives moves into the Busey Minute and Cynthia Smoot gives Perspectives listeners the scoop on where to go and what to do this coming week to experience new and awesome things.

Fourth Segment

Berges and her studio guests have more fun and learn more about how to truly understand where others are mentally and emotionally coming from.  Once you understand another’s perspective, you understand the person and can extrapolate nuggets of wisdom and bridge the gap between you and them.  This is what life’s all about.



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