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Jump the hump and move past your roadblocks today!

jump the hump

Are you experiencing roadblocks in your life?  The 5 secrets to eliminating roadblocks from your life. You will experience two types of roadblocks in your life. The first type are self-created, these are the roadblocks we  create for our self to stop ourselves. The second  type of roadblocks created for you by outside sources. Whether […]

Make confrontation work for you.

We despise even hate confrontation. Because we hate confrontation, we stray away from dealing with our problems. Avoiding confrontation causes us to toss and turn all night, be stressed out all day, and when it gets bad enough, the anger you’re carrying around affects every aspect of your life. For the most part, none of […]

Do you self sabotage yourself?

Do you self sabotage yourself? How do you know when you are self-sabotaging yourself? Do you ever partake in self-sabotaging behavior?  Does it seem that you begin this type of behavior when things are going smoothly in your life?  Many people tend to work to one goal or another and then in down time, or […]