Are you missing the big picture?

First Segment

“Are you so focused on catching the BIG FISH that you’re missing the adventure?” aB

Perspectives analyzes and defines true focus, what are focused on, and how engaged in the big picture are you? When you only focus on the BIG FISH, you miss out on what life has to offer, you miss the journey, and lose out on being involved in the adventure. Focus is golden but how much focus can get you in a world of hurt. What is true focus and how much do you need to make your life dreams come true?Listen to Perspectives to find out if you’re on the right track.

Second Segment

Ashley tells her recent Belize fishing story and how it directly correlates with life, the big goals, and how we see them.

Third Segment

Ashley discusses why it’s so important to know where everyone else stands who’s in your situation. If you don’t know where others are coming from, their Perspective, you may misjudge or lose in a life situation.  Dan, Billy, and Ashley analyze focus, when to realize you’re focused on the wrong things, and how to ask others their intention.

Fourth Segment

Ashley tells you how to know if you’re focused on the right life “stuff” in the final segment. What’s your true focus? Are you solely focused on catching the big fish and not the big picture? Do you see, participate, and cherish the journey…That’s for you to find out.

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