How to achieve your purpose without becoming sidetracked

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How to achieve your purpose without becoming sidetracked 

How to achieve your purpose without becoming sidetracked


Recently I experienced frustration that came about because I didn’t know that I knew the next step to take, on my life path.  When you tend to your life path, you deal with every emotion, you’re learning in every process, and you either continue on, stop, or get sidetracked on your journey.  When you continue on your path, you continue to fulfill your inherent and definite purpose.  You may feel that in order to continue on your life path, you need to wear blinders to keep you focused on the straight ahead.  It can be difficult because you live on this planet with others besides your self and others have their ideas, their path, and want you in it.  Your “others” are categorized into three groups.

How to achieve your purpose

how to achieve your purposeGroup 1 is your family.  Due to their seniority, this group takes precedence.  You may feel the need, be asked, or mandated to go off your path due to a family situation or the life perspectives of your family.


how to achieve your purposeGroup 2 is your friends.  Friends are beautiful and necessary for a well-balanced life.  Group 2 can be helpful and harmful when it comes to sticking to your purpose.  Because they are your friends, they can talk you into things you wouldn’t be readily talked into by anyone else.

how to achieve your purposeGroup 3 is your acquaintances and others who usually don’t help or hurt you, on your life path.  This is a six-degree of separation mentality that takes more work on your part to bestow.  Group 3 can aid or hamper you on your path, but you have to involve them prior to either taking place.  When it comes to family and friends, you usually don’t have to involve them because for the most part they will involve themselves.

Your three groups are constantly telling you things, doing things, and saying things that make you feel or think a certain way.  Your family, Group 1, is constantly giving you their options, thoughts, and what they feel you should be doing with you life.  Standing one’s ground is of utmost importance when it comes to dealing with family.  In certain situations, you have to put a halt on your path/purpose to help a sick or needy family member.  In this case, you want to type out a specific plan to get you back on your path.  This plan should contain a definite timeline and you want to relay this information to your family.  They want you to succeed and you want you to succeed, it’s a win.

ashley bergesBe sure to stick to your timeline and your plan.  You don’t want to go through life wishing you had done something and wondering what could have been.

Your friends, Group 2, are a major part of your life. Many times you may find yourself listening to what others are doing and wondering what’s going to happen in your life.  Humans tend to compare their lives to their friend’s lives and this ultimately leads to frustration.

How to achieve your purpose without becoming sidetrackedYou’re working long hours seven days a week to start a company.  You’re diligently working day after day, taking no vacations, and staying completely engaged.  One day, you have lunch with a friend in Group two.  They begin the conversation by asking you what you’ve been doing with your time.  You tell them about your work, your schedule, and your ultimate plan.  When you ask them about their life, they begin telling you about their lavish life, extensive travel, and party every night.

How to achieve your purpose without becoming sidetrackedFor some of us, this conversation alone would be enough to have us run directly to the nearest bar and question our existence.  For others of us, it can bring thoughts of resentment, can have you question your path, have you wishing for the party days, or it may inspire you to be more determined to successfully follow your path.  Age and wisdom can help curtail the running to the bar and crying in one’s beer.  However, the wondering if you are missing out on life is the question we as humans always ask.  You want to have a full life filled with happiness, success, and excitement.  Excitement is the carrot dangled in front of our eyes when you’re focusing on your path.  This carrot has cost many their purpose.

How to achieve your purpose without becoming sidetrackedAcquaintances, Group 3, we tend to watch from a certain (safe) distance. Whether we know them from work, school, friends of friends, or they’re social media friends, we still tend to judge our lives by watching theirs.  Social media is a wonderful way to stay in contact and communicate with friends.  However just like in actual life, when you judge your life against other’s lives, you can get off course and question your purpose.  Hence, social media depression can occur when we see the pictures and updates of others buying expensive accessories, talking about their life, and doing all kinds of lavish activities.

The focused (bottom) line:

Any person from any group can put question in your mind.  They can make you evaluate and reevaluate your life.  Sometimes, others may want you to be a part of their path and take you off your path.  At the time their path sounds appealing and more interesting than your own.  However, when we go off your path you put your purpose on hold.  Much like the carrot, excitement is something you can crave but excitement is short lived and quick to get you off your path.  Believing in yourself is the basis for achieving your purpose in life.

Tips to staying on YOUR path:

Your purpose is important, hold it in the proper light and believe.  Others may seem to have the most amazing life, but you’re in the process of creating your own.  Mentally and emotionally work to not buy into the unknown. Others lives can appear more interesting than your own.  Those same people you think have the best life may day dream about your life.

How to achieve your purpose without becoming sidetracked

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