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Daily Routine Helps Make an Empath’s Life Successful

Original content by Ashley Berges Having an empathic ability is a superpower. Often empaths see this as a burden. How do we deal with day-to-day life, process our emotions, and become more successful than overwhelmed or sad? Let’s walk through a routine that can be helpful to preserve our ability and use it for its […]

Why People with BPD Sabotage Their Successes

Original content by Ashley Berges Often sabotaging successes and borderline personality disorder is overlooked. It is a very important part of BPD. There is a tendency to sabotage one’s happiness and well-being. The reason for this self-sabotage is the overreaching feeling of not being deserving, not capable of doing something, having an unstable self-image, unstable […]

Have you Experienced Regret?

Original post by Ashley Berges Should you say it or not? Sometimes things are better left unsaid. However, sometimes it is just the opposite. There are times when it is important to speak up, such as after a major argument or when ending a long-term relationship or friendship. We need to understand and measure what […]

8 Thoughts, Actions, and Beliefs We Have When in a Toxic Relationship

Original content by Ashley Berges When we are in a toxic relationship we look toward the other person to determine if the relationship is toxic or not. When we are in a toxic relationship we do certain things, we act certain ways, and we question ourselves about many things.  8 Things we do when in […]

5 Reasons We Stay in Toxic Relationships

Original content by Ashley Berges We often hear about what a toxic relationship is, and what we need to do once we figure out we are in one, but why do we get into the toxic relationship in the first place? The first reason we tend to stay in toxic relationships is that we believe […]

What Happens When you are Raised by Narcissistic Parents?

Original content by Ashley Berges What happens when you are raised by a narcissist or both parents are narcissists? What is the effect it has on your life as an adult? The first impact is the indecision and second-guessing of yourself. As an adult that was a child of narcissistic parent, we are afraid of […]

19 Possible Signs of Narcissistic Parents

Original content by Ashley Berges Many of us have been raised by narcissistic parents. We may not even be aware of how much of an impact that has had on our lives. If a narcissistic parent or parents have raised you, it impacts you greatly. As an adult, we are left dealing with it. Being able to […]

Who’s Carrying Out the Dirty Work for the Narcissist?

Original content by Ashley Berges Having narcissists in your life can be very challenging. Have you ever thought about the people that support narcissists? They are the people that do the dirty work for the narcissist. They seem to relish in the idea that they are doing this person’s dirty work and making the lives […]

How Eating Disorders are Used as Coping Mechanisms to Gain Control

Original content by Ashley Berges  An eating disorder is a serious illness that involves a confusing relationship with food, eating, body image, and exercise. They impact approximately 30 million people in this country.  Eating disorders are very common in people with signs and symptoms of borderline personality disorder, BPD.  Eating disorders are behaviors that someone […]

Don’t Lose Your Identity by Taking on Others’ Issues

Original content by Ashley Berges It is time to take a deep dive into what you want. Not what everyone else wants but what you want. We are so busy taking on other people’s issues, or perhaps we are co-dependent, taking care of another person’s every whim, that it is difficult for us to figure […]