How Small Daily Goals Can Lead to Big Results

This post was written by Rhonda Wasserman

Original content by Ashley Berges

Having goals is an important aspect of life. Many of us do not realize that small goals can be just as significant as large ones.

The thing about goals is that the larger the goal the more pieces it takes to create the puzzle. Completing a large goal can take a lot of time and effort.

While completing a large goal, it is good to have small incremental goals to get us to the larger goal. It is also good to just have smaller goals that may not lead to larger goals but add up in our lives.

One interesting thing about creating small goals and achieving them is that the small goals add up over time. We feel more successful overall and better about ourselves, our direction, and our ability to accomplish smaller goals. 

The second great thing about small goals is that we can obtain and achieve these goals on a day-to-day basis. It is a daily process. We are not looking at goals that will be met in a year or two, we are looking at goals that can be accomplished every day. We are creating goals in the moment that allow us to have more self-esteem and feel more successful. If we are working towards a larger goal, we can see things happening. It does not matter what the goal is, it is about building up to that bigger goal but having the small successes along the way.

The small goals bring us closer to accomplishing the larger goals. They do not always have to be a piece of the puzzle to the larger goal. Sometimes when we can clear these goals, we can see things more clearly. a It can help build upon things, or it does not have to build upon things at all. However, the things that do get built on will help with our feeling of success, commitment, and motivation to ourselves. 

Another great aspect of creating and achieving small goals is the training that it brings us. The small goals allow us to train in our goal-setting behavior. We are training daily, rather than for a longer amount of time. It gives us a step up on people because they are not creating a goal or a concept of a goal. They are not seeing the achievement that we are by creating and accomplishing smaller goals. 

As a result, the more that we can conceptualize and achieve, the more often we will have success. This will allow us to also achieve the larger goals. Larger goals take more time, energy, and dedication. Equally important, when we have success in the smaller goals the more likely we will have motivation and momentum to keep working for the bigger goals.

Finally, when we achieve small goals, we have daily successes. These daily successes create a higher self-esteem for ourselves. We are not talking about being narcissistic, we are just talking about developing healthy self-esteem. This self-esteem will allow us to feel better about ourselves and feel more able to be successful in different areas of our lives. We may not feel particularly confident, be unable to engage in the proper activities, and be unable to concentrate on achieving success if we feel defeated or have poor self-esteem

The daily successes create a better self-esteem and allow us to see that we can do things. It also allows for self-motivation and internal motivation. We have had successes and are starting to believe in ourselves more and more. Things start coming together and are moving in the right direction. The small goals, no matter how small, help us to get the larger goals accomplished. Sometimes the larger goals can cause us to feel overwhelmed and lead to procrastination. This procrastination causes us to beat ourselves down because we feel bad about procrastinating and our self-esteem drops. Breaking the big goals down with small daily successes can be very helpful and can lead us to achieve the big goal. 

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