How to form a good habit and keep it!

First Segment

New Years Resolutions, life goals, and making life changes directly correlates with forming good habits and sticking to them.  Tonight’s Perspectives is pointing the mag lights on habit forming, how to form a good or bad habit, and how to keep it!  This information will help anyone who is wanting to make a change in their life.

Second Segment

What is a habit forming activity?  Berges discusses how we form habit forming behaviors and what we do when we’ve formed a habit.  You can reprogram a habit.  You can create healthy habits to make your life more successful.  Forget about your mistakes in the past and start again.  Berges tells listeners how to create a plan and make it work.

Third Segment

Cynthia Smoot begins the top of the 3rd Segment discussing films, TV, and romance.  Berges discusses how social media can aid you in your goals by making you more accountable.  The more people who know what you’re working on, the better for you to succeed.  There are support groups you can find in your home city if you don’t feel you have enough support.  Bill and Berges talk about the options for rewarding yourself for accomplishing your goals.

Fourth Segment

Berges gives you the secrets to accomplishing your New Years Resolution this year and sticking to it.  Consistency, rewards, and motivation creates the winning streak.  Ashley gives you the knowledge to create your own winning streak and accomplishing your goals.  Also, what a trigger is and how to use triggers to stop a habit.

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