New Years Resolutions, will you succeed or fail?

This post was written by Ashley Berges

New Years Resolutions, will you succeed or fail?How you can succeed with any New Years resolution.

How you can succeed with any New Years resolution.


It’s not about making New Year’s resolutions; it’s about keeping them!

45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions but only a mere 8% of them actually keep them.


Why do we fail?

Contained in this blog is the information needed to help you succeed!


Top 5 Resolutions:


  1. Lose weight
  2. Get organized
  3. Save money
  4. Enjoy life-Be happy
  5. Stay fit and healthy



How to be successful in achieving your New Year’s Resolution: How you can succeed with any New Years resolution.


  1. Be Specific:  Don’t just say: “I want to loose weight and become healthier or “I want a better job.”  Those types of statements don’t work and wont be enough to succeed.  In order to succeed, you must focus on the DETAILS.  The details make all the different in the world when it comes to succeeding with your New Years resolution.  Instead of broad generalities make clear goals.



  1. Go to the gym Monday through Thursday at 7:30AM
  2. Eat 4-5 cups of vegetables daily
  3. Make an appointment with a headhunter before Friday


How you can succeed with any New Years resolution.

The more detailed your commitment is allows for a clearer goal.  When we understand exactly what we are committing to, we can do a better job of doing what is needed to carry it through successfully.  Like anything we do in life, when there are details, we can understand better how the situation is going to turn out.  Whether it be a New Years Resolution or a birthday party, much like the latter, when we know whose party it is, where it’s going to be, what time it begins and ends, and who’s going to be there, we can be better prepared for everything that comes our way.


  1. Measure your efforts NOT results:  In order to stay motivated, you must be relentless about making progress, while letting go of the demand for perfection.  In order to be successful with anything in life, you must focus on stellar personal efforts not just on the results.  For example:  If you don’t loose the weight you were expecting and hoping for but you kept you gym goal of exercising Monday through Thursday, focus your energy on what you have achieved.  Sidebar:  Sometimes we make resolutions and goals that are difficult to achieve in the timeline we give ourselves.  Remember to be realistic about timelines and goals and even if you were realistic on timing, if you haven’t gotten to that exact goal, focus on what you have succeeded in doing.  If you continue to be specific with your ultimate goal, your efforts will bring positive and great results!


  1. Public Pressure:  Be sure to have an accountability partner.  Because you are likely to lose your motivation at some point, telling one friend or 100 friends your goal, will keep you accountable.  You may even be able to find friends of yours that are working on the same type of goal or similar and you can hold each other accountable and have fun doing it.  When you are working to achieve a goal, you must align yourself with others working towards goals and personal success.


  1. Pick 1 Resolution or pick NONE:  Research shows that humans in general can’t multitask effectively.  If you have more than one resolution, you are more likely to fail.  To often people try to pick a few different resolutions to work on, but you are better picking one to focus on and going full speed ahead.  You can break that one big goal into mini goals.  By doing that, you feel a sense of accomplishment and you aren’t spreading yourself too thin.  Creating milestones is an effective and useful way to accomplish any goal and doing so allows for accomplishment and feelings of success in the process.  Side bar:  Find joy in the process!  The process to attaining your goal can offer valuable insight into yourself and your life.  Enjoy the process and learn from life day to day.



Instead of being part of the 92% and falling short of attaining your goal, be part of the 8% and succeed.  You will feel good about yourself, others will look up to you, and you will know you can do it.  You have all the power within to attain your goal and do it right.  If you have any other questions or need someone to hold you accountable to succeed in your New Years Resolution, click on the contact page and fill out the private form.  I will be in touch with you ASAP to help you achieve.

How you can succeed with any New Years resolution.

Statistics on New Years Resolutions:

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2 Responses

  1. Alex Vignau says:

    Thanks Ashley! 
    I’d like to share with you the 4  principles I use for my day to day aim for success:
    1. Failure is not an option.
    2. Be objective, not subjective.
    3. Think victor, not victim.
    4. Today’s test will be tomorrow’s testimony.

  2. AlishaDav says:

    Still sticking with my new years resolution and with the plan I created, I am happy about where I am.
    Good concepts that help you stick to your goal.