Why am I unhappy?

First Segment

Tonight’s Perspectives goes head to head with unhappiness.  When we’re unhappy with a part of our life, we begin to be unhappy in other areas and blame others for our unhappiness.  Berges and Matt begin tonight’s show discussing unhappiness and how unhappiness in one part of your life can contaminate other parts of your life without you realizing it until it’s too late.

Second Segment

In order to understand why we are unhappy, we must take an assessment of our life and find the area in which this unhappiness stems.  Figuring out where the unhappiness is coming from is the first step to exploring the emotion and realizing why it’s there in the first place.  Berges gives the Live True steps for uncovering masked unhappiness.

Third Segment

Stop being what others want U2B and figure how what U want 2B.  You won’t know until you TRY.

Fourth Segment

What happens when you judge yourself?  Stop the negative judgment and begin living your true life.  What timing means to you and your life and how to determine if something is good for you by the timing it comes or goes out of your life.

How to find happiness and remove unhappiness from your life today:  https://www.ashleyberges.com/how-to-find-happiness-and-remove-unhappiness-from-your-life-today/           


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