How to succeed with your New Years resolution.

First Segment

New Years Resolutions, will you succeed or fail?  How to succeed with any New Years resolution.  It’s not about making New Year’s resolutions; it’s about keeping them.  Why we fail and how to succeed.  What you can do to make any resolution stick.

Second Segment

Perspectives discusses the Dos and Don’ts to achieving your New Years Resolution.  Bill and Berges discuss how to succeed in making and sticking to your New Year’s Resolution.  The Perspectives gang discuss real life resolutions they’ve made and how it worked for them.  Bill talks about his theory on baby steps and how it helps him to his goals.  It doesn’t have to be December 31st or January 1st for you to stop something like smoking.  Berges tells you how to quit smoking today!  Callers call in about New Years Resolutions and what they need to do.  Berges tells listeners how to meet single people and start a healthy relationship.

Third Segment

Ashley continues the discussion on quitting smoking and how to make it work for you.  Also, what to do when you make a mistake and how to get back into achieving your resolution.  How to create achievable goals and make them work for you. You won’t fail if you listen to this show.  When it comes to meeting a love interest, you must put yourself where you need to be and put yourself out there.  How to deal with the situation if you mess up and smoke when you’re trying to quit smoking.

Fourth Segment

What is an accountability partner?  How to find one and what they can do for you in your achieving your life goals and resolutions.  You can only pick one resolution at a time, otherwise it won’t work.  Ashley tells all on how to master one resolution and stick with it.  Once you overcome this issue and attain your goal, you will be revered by others and others will ask you for advice.

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Bill and Ashley are interviewed on CBS 11, how to stick to your weight lose goals and create your beautiful new future.  Watch the video on the Media Page today:




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