How to follow your true passion or calling in life.

First Segment

Guests:  Nathan Pilcher, member of the Dallas Fire Department since 1995, Rescue Specialist in the Texas Task Force 2, and on the executive board of The Sons of the Flag Foundation.

This is the third show in the Perspectives series: Concentrating on loving what you do or finding what you love and formulating your chosen life path.  Sometimes we can’t always find what we love in our work or career but if we delve deeper we can find an offshoot of love and passion we can derive from the experience.  Other times, we have to let go of what’s not working to find what does work.

Second Segment

Nathan Pilcher shares his perspective, at the studio round table, on realizing at an early age what he wanted to do and actually doing it.  Many of us run from our true dreams and aspirations to do what our family wants us to do or to do what we think we should or have to do.  Nathan knew he wanted to be a fire fighter and he followed his passion and true calling.  Overcoming preconceived notions and getting past what your family wants for you can be a hurdle to jump over.  However, overcoming this hurdle can do a lot to restore your own faith in yourself.

Third Segment

Cynthia Smoot gives us the 411 on what to do and where to go in Dallas, Texas.  Berges continues explaining how anyone can overcome their past and move to a clear and bright future.

Fourth Segment

Berges and Pilcher talk following one’s true calling.  Nathan also goes into detail about taking his life path to another level by involving himself, his time, believe, and energy into The Sons of the Flag Foundation.

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