How to find the love in what you do and formulating your chosen life path.

First Segment

Guests:  Chris Watts, co-owner of The Petropolitan & Jody Grant the Chairman of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation 

This is the second show in the series: Finding love in what you do and formulating your chosen life path.  When we find the love in what we do with regards to our jobs, we are able to be fulfilled in different ways.  When we realize the inner layer to what we do, we can then determine our life path.  For some of us, our careers are extrapolations of what we love and we are fulfilled immediately.  Some of us do a job daily in order to do what we love.  Neither situation is right or wrong.  Your life path is unique to you and you should pick a path that you find fulfillment and passion.

Second Segment

From banking to barking, Chris Watts shares his perspective on leaving his comfortable job to go outside the box and go after a life path to help and take care of animals.  His understanding and love of animals began in his early childhood, and Chris decided to leave his corporate job and work with animals full time.

Third Segment

Many of us are looking forward to the opening of our Central Park, The Klyde Warren Park opening is October 27-28 and joining me to discuss this magnificent new development is the Chairman of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, Jody Grant.  Out and About with Cynthia Smoot gives us the 411 on getting involved, having fun, and getting in where you fit in.

Fourth Segment

Berges and Chris continue their discussion on how to figure out your life path.  Life may seem scary sometimes but it’s not.  Jump in and feel what you love.  Be drawn to your passion and listen to your higher self.  You know exactly what you need and want to do.  Even if you need to work several jobs to do what you want in your spare time, you will be on your life path.  Your life path is one of a kind and is yours to keep.  You can make changes at any time and be sure to be true to yourself.

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