How to eliminate stress. Staying the course and not getting sidetracked.

First Segment

Guests:  Val Kilmer, Chad Fields, and Robert Lopez.

Stress is a normal response to many things we weren’t planning on dealing with and things we see coming.  Stress in small amounts can sometimes motivate you to get moving, however stress on a regular basis is toxic.  Berges discusses how to deal with stress and begin to rid your life of it.  DRESS to de-STRESS.

Second Segment


Val Kilmer gives his perspective on starting over, reinventing oneself, and finding happiness at any age.  Kilmer tells Berges about his new one man play titled:  Citizen Kane and how he’s transformed himself from the Val we used to know.  Kilmer also gives his perspective on random thoughts that Ashley asks about.  Chad and Robert begin discussing with Berges about their company, Dirty Laundry, and their drive and passion to do what they love no matter what.   

Third Segment

Berges gets Chad and Robert’s perspective on their chosen life path, why they chose it, and how they got there.  Learning how a person got on a certain life path is like taking the path with them.  The insight into the human conscious is remarkable and allows listeners to think about their own life and interrupt how they got to their specific life path.  A life path is not just a path, it’s an adventure filled with awesome experiences that only you will experience.  You chose it!

Fourth Segment

Berges asks hard hitting questions about staying on target and what Chad and Robert did when the answers weren’t coming.  Ashley asks how they dealt with going against the grain and creating something completely one of a kind.  Cynthia Smoot gives Perspectives listeners the hip places to be this coming week and where to get new perspectives.  Berges ends this segment with words of wisdom and life changing advice.

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