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Day 2 : My thoughts and personal reflections

“The 10 Day Challenge to Live Your True Life, Day 2 : Dealing with negative energy suckers in your life. In Chapter 2, Berges states,“ The weight of the world is not on your shoulders.”  This Thanksgiving break I made a commitment to try something different and just distance myself from everyone.It was not a […]

Are you in your own way?

personal roadblock

Personal Roadblock Why do you stand in your own way of personal success? When it comes to getting it all together, putting your life plan in motion, why do most of us hesitate, stop, or turn all the way around and avoid helping ourselves get to the next level?   12 Reasons we stand in our […]

Does the news make you sad?

Do daily headlines & nightly news have you contemplating asking your doctor for a prescription of sedatives and/or mood stabilizers?  When you open the newspaper or turn on the news, do you instantly get a rush of stress, anxiety, and a feeling of being powerless?  You are not alone!  Statistically speaking, more people than less […]

Stop Losing Sleep & Make Changes Now

Stop losing sleep & make needed changes in your life now! Are you losing sleep at night? Do you lay in bed with your mind racing? Are you constantly thinking about a specific situation in your life that’s causing you stress and headache and wondering what to do about it? Are you telling everyone you […]

How to remove stress for Women who are Moms too

How to remove stress for Women who are Moms too!  De-Stress for Moms You are a mom and you are a woman.  Being a woman and being a mom is like being a super hero, because you feel as though you have to change your identity to get to the other you, the mom or […]

How to lower your stress and feel better about your life and yourself.

How to lower your stress and feel better about your life and yourself. Dress to De-Stress As a human, you get dressed everyday to take on the world.  Each day you face dilemmas and roadblocks that create stress. This stress, if not regulated daily can cause anything from back pain, acid-reflux, bleeding ulcers, heart attacks, […]