You are what you see and hear. What’s your favorite film?

First Segment

Guest:  Joe Petricca, AFI Conservatory Executive Vice Dean

You can identify generations and people’s ages by their connections with advertising.  The Bull Terrier and its positioning has transcended throughout the last thirty years.  The Bull Terrier was General Patton’s dog in the film Patton.  Years later the Bull Terrier became Spuds Mackenzie, the Budweiser Dog.  And now it’s the Target Dog.  Kids and adults of all ages see my dog Buddy, the Bull Terrier and either bring up Patton, Spuds, or the Target Dog.  Advertising and media impact all generations in a particular way.  We define life by the commercials we see and live through.  We begin our discussion on movies, what is your favorite film and why?  Many times the films we saw as children impact our entire life.  Perspectives takes calls on favorite films now.

Second Segment

Joe Petricca joins Berges on Perspectives to discuss films and their impact on generations.  Joe talks about reading applications of students for AFI.  As he reads the essays by the AFI applicants, the students tell about their favorite films and why they impact their lives.  Petricca discusses his formative films and growing up during the big blockbuster movie making years.  Berges and Petricca discuss the AFI Fest, with Lincoln, Life of Pi, and Sky Fall to name a few.

Third Segment

Berges and Petricca continue the Perspectives discussion on films and their impact on generations and their impact on us.  The recent impact on college students by the Batman trilogy.  When people are feeling helpless and powerless in their lives and they don’t feel they have much control in their lives, these films, like Batman, give hope to people when they feel hopeless.

Fourth Segment

Cynthia Smoot gives the scoop on where to go and what to do in Dallas.  Next week, Val Kilmer comes on Perspectives to talk about reinventing himself and his new life.  Don’t miss the small things in life, they just could change it!

More information on Cynthia Smoot and what to do in Dallas weekly:

Ashley’s Bull Terrier Advertising Concept:

1.  The earlier generations:  Patton:

2.  Middle generations:  Spuds MacKenzie:

3.  Younger generation (Elementary students/Middle School Age) The Target Dog:

The Matrix, just because it rocks. :


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