How to successfully deal with distance, drama, and divorce.

First Segment

How to deal effectively and successfully with distance, drama, and divorce.  How to deal with the 3D’s with honesty and not to lose yourself.  Many people are dealing with family drama.  Some family drama and arguments are new, others have been around for a long time without seeing any change, and some family drama is so difficult to deal with, that it causes some family members to avoid other family members even during the holidays.

Second Segment

The holidays can bring the best and worst out in people.  When dealing with family members this holiday season, you may need to take proper precautions.  We’ve all fallen into the trap of fighting with family members over mundane things that make no sense and we’re left with being upset and feeling empty.  How to stop the cycle and end the arguments.  You can change family arguments and overcome the anger that tends to come with the holidays.

Third Segment

Divorce can bring different holidays than usual and can leave you feeling depressed, angry, or left out.  The first two holiday seasons after divorce are extra difficult and a mourning process is recommended.  The mourning process Berges speaks about is voluntary and helps the individual to deal with the feelings of abandonment and the lose of support.  Their are five types of difficult family members/ people you may come into contact and Berges arms you with the tactics to overcoming all.

Fourth Segment

Cynthia Smoot gives Perspectives listeners the places to be in Texas this week.  Afterwards, Berges gives you all the tips and tricks to staying cool this holiday season and not falling into the games.  Ashley also gives you the tools you need to survive post divorce and the holidays after family life changes.

Ashley Berges is a councilor and master life coach and does client meetings in person, over the phone, and by Skype.  If you’re having difficulty transitioning after a divorce, a death, or another life change, Berges can help you get back on your life path.  When you’re in a situation, it’s more difficult to see the light because of your close proximity.  It takes a trained professional to offer you the correct life tools to get you back happy and healthy, on your unique life path.  For more information contact Ashley Berges on her contact page today.

How to overcome the holiday blues:

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