Day 3 : My Thoughts and Personal Reflections

This post was written by Ashley Berges

“ The 10 Day Challenge to Live Your True Life, Day 3 : What are you doing right now ? the mindful mind vs. the thinking mind

“The thinking mind is preoccupied with thoughts from the past or thoughts about the future “ Stated by  Ashley Berges 

Before I sleep I have a habit of overthinking, I worry about the grade i’m going to get on my classes, I worry about the bundles of homework i’m going to get once again, what if I don’t do this homework ,fail , don’t graduate, don’t go to college, end up working in a job I don’t enjoy etc. I overthink so many subjects instead of just laying down in bed to relax. I have a strong believe this is why people recommend to not do homework in bed but in a desk or somewhere else where it won’t affect your sleeping environment. Everyone makes mistakes but for some of us the past is a constant reminder of how bad we have hurt ourselves, our loved ones , or just how we have disarrayed our paths. The past is a very sensible topic, but if one constantly keeps taking a look back at the mistakes and focuses on what could have been, one will never realize what can be.

“Take a moment to observe what you are doing this very minute” Stated by Ashley Berges

Occasionally I like to take a minute and question, what am I doing with this ? How am I letting this affect my future? Now there are time where we over look at such simple things that we are blessed with. For example , when we attend to an event, a concert or travel we decide to see the world behind the phone screen instead of living the moment and being present. With technology we are so worried that we have to post everything we do online, we let everybody know what we are up to. We no longer live in the moment but we prefer to have videos recorded in our phones.There is nothing wrong with technology but we just don’t know how to live without it. We think everything revolves around technology and being accepted in likes and views but things should not be that way. We are slowly letting life pass by instead of living in the present.

“ Being mindful allows for constant awareness in all situations. “ Stated by Ashley Berges

 Being mindful means to accept our thoughts and feelings without judging and to live in the present , to be extra attentive to all the events, situations, or just actions in general, basically being attentive to our surroundings. It is not only about being attentive but also about being open minded. We all have had arguments before but do we ever just pause and actually listen to the other person’s opinion ? Do we ever just take a minute and realize that by arguing you will not solve anything , matter of fact things just can get complicated. Life is too short to be mad at the world ,enjoy every milestone no matter how rough it may get .

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