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How to Survive your Toxic Family over the Holidays

Original content by Ashley Berges Are you stressed out, perhaps even dreading the holidays? Do you have a toxic family dynamic that causes you to dread having to deal with the family during the holidays? We need to understand our family dynamic to make personal decisions when spending time with our family during the holidays. […]

Should I Take Their Advice? How to Identify Toxic Advice

Original content by Ashley Berges Many of us are dealing with tumultuous relationships. Family and friends advise us to get over our emotions and move on. They are not able to comprehend why we can’t simply move on and find someone else. This is often easier said than done. Many people give advice to others […]

How to Identify a Narcissist on Dating Apps.

Original content by Ashley Berges It is important to be able to identify narcissists on dating apps.  6 Indications that the Person on the Dating App is a Narcissist. The first indication is a sneaky one. The person will claim to be kind, compassionate, and caring. We all want someone to possess all those traits, […]

Exploring the Impact of Our Parent’s Marriage on Our Marriage

Original content by Ashley Berges When trying to understand the issues in our current marriage it may be helpful to go back and look at our parent’s marriage. This was the marriage that we watched daily. We need to understand how that marriage impacts our current relationship. Some things may have taken place when we […]

How Small Daily Goals Can Lead to Big Results

Original content by Ashley Berges Having goals is an important aspect of life. Many of us do not realize that small goals can be just as significant as large ones. The thing about goals is that the larger the goal the more pieces it takes to create the puzzle. Completing a large goal can take […]

The Complex Relationship Between Our Parent’s Marriage and Our Marriage

Original content by Ashley Berges It does not matter whether you have been married for 5 years or 25 years. Most likely we are unaware of where certain patterns in our marriage have come from. We do not realize how our parent’s marriage impacts our marriage. Some habits we picked up growing up are unintentionally […]

Why do I Attract Narcissists?

Original content by Ashley Berges Does it feel like you always seem to attract a person with narcissistic tendencies? What is it about you that attracts narcissists? We need to know why this is happening and begin to understand what we can do to change it. There are several reasons why we are narcissist magnets.  […]

Feeling like you are in a Hollow Relationship with a Narcissist? Want More?

Original content by Ashley Berges Does it feel like you care a lot more than your partner in the relationship? Do you feel empty or hollow? Does it feel like you ask them questions but they rarely ask you any in return? You could be in a relationship with a narcissist or someone who has […]

Substance Abuse and BPD

Original content by Ashley Berges It’s time to examine the signs and symptoms of BPD and impulsive risky behaviors, explicitly concentrating on drug and alcohol abuse.  BPD and alcoholism can go hand in hand. The reason for this is when we are dealing with BPD there are extreme emotional changes. There is constant fear, anxiety, […]

7 Things We Need for a Solid Marriage

Original content by Ashley Berges Most of us may have been married for a long time. As time goes by, we may forget what exactly makes a solid marriage. There are 7 pieces of a solid marriage, not a “perfect” marriage but a solid one that can last the test of time. Often, when we […]