Day 2 : My thoughts and personal reflections

This post was written by Ashley Berges

“The 10 Day Challenge to Live Your True Life, Day 2 : Dealing with negative energy suckers in your life.

In Chapter 2, Berges states,“ The weight of the world is not on your shoulders.” 

This Thanksgiving break I made a commitment to try something different and just distance myself from everyone.It was not a test to see who my real friends were , but it was more of a challenge that I needed to take. I am at a point in my life where I don’t know where I belong. For example I know I want to travel , be a blogger , I want to help children and people in need from all over the world I know I want to be a public speaker and achieve other dreams but I’m not sure where I belong,what if they’re just crazy dreams. I don’t know where I belong, my GPA is not high , I don’t play any sports or instruments , and I’m not the smartest. I always feel like I have to do something extra to impress someone, that my personality doesn’t matter. But slowly I am learning how to handle life.I have so many dreams and goals I want to achieve , including strengthening the love for myself . No more changing who I am for others to like me, no more judging myself because at the end of the day people are always going to criticize you no matter how much you try to please people .

I am a very outgoing people person, I love being loud and funny , I love dancing and just making people laugh.There are times where people think they know me and start judging for example , in my family traditions there is this rule you may say that if you haven’t had your quinceanera you can’t dance with no other person rather than family because you have to wait until your daughter dance. For us Hispanics , a Father Daughter dance not only is a dance but it’s a time for the father to realize that her little girl or princess is growing up, it is very emotional time , but Hispanics always used to see it as a sin if you danced before your quinceanera. As mentioned earlier I am a dancer, I’ve grown up dancing well ever since I can remember I have always been that one girl who dances at the party’s even if there is no one else dancing, well people would always tell my mom that I was going to be the typical stereotype Hispanic married young with children and all because I loved dancing. I am just glad to prove them wrong. 

“ Bad stuff happens to everyone but we can choose to dwell on it or move past it,” Ashley stated

There are times where of course there are always bad events trying to kill our vibe, our mood. As a senior in high school I thought this year was going to be easy , so much fun , hardly in school but it has been stressful so far , college preparations, senior projects, test , homework, work , trying to stay fit, getting enough sleep , volunteer hours at times,  I just lay down in my bed for at least 5 mins and just relax because it feels like it is just too much . At times I feel as if I cannot handle everything going on in life , sometimes all we need is to close our eyes and just relax.

“It is good to not be okay, we don’t realize we are strong until strength is all we got.”

Sometimes I feel like my world is going down , that the world is against me but somehow with faith and patience everything works out. Life is about learning through the good times and hardships. When problems start to gather up or things don’t go as planned we start to give up and we lose control of ourselves, at times we even let others criticize us . I have been guilty of feeling worthless , for feeling like all I do to help others or all my work is not rewarded or at least good enough, but  we all have to know our worth , we become our own critics at times and it doesn’t help us at all.  We can work on improving your future, by accepting it is okay to make wrong choices , it is okay to have flaws , we are humans we are not perfect , we were born to learn from mistakes. That is the beauty of life, slowly growing and realizing how much greatness there is in the world.




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