What’s the Tinder Scene Like in Dallas?

Our relationship expert parses out what to do when Mr. (Swiped) Right turns out to be all wrong. By: Ashley Berges People everywhere use Tinder, Match, Coffee Meets Bagel, and eHarmony to meet folks. But sometimes with these dating services, it’s a matter of quantity over quality. Remember, there’s no criteria to join these sites; […]

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Do I need a life coach?

Determining if you honestly need a life coach is an important process. Understanding what a life coach does and how they help is part of the decision making process. I realize that people are different and no two life coaches are the same. That’s why I feel it’s important to let you know how I […]

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Dating Over 40 in Dallas

When you think of nightlife, you think of the 20s and 30s crowd, but I have lots of single, successful friends that are 40 to 50. Where does that age group go and not seem pathetic or desperate? BY ASHLEY BERGES When it comes to meeting new people over the age of 40, Dallas has […]

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Why Do We Want to Get Back Together?

Ashley Berges tackles why we try to salvage things after they fall apart. By: Ashley Berges When the rocky patches come in any relationship, we have to take a moment to evaluate why we’ve chosen to participate. Often, we see other couples and believe they have it better than us. We begin to think others […]

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The First Date Tells All

That comment that you glossed over on date one could come back to haunt you. Ashley Berges Rarely do we remember the first date. We remember where we went to dinner and what time of year it was, but it’s not often that we recall the actual conversation. Few people realize the magnitude of this […]

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Health begins with your diet

ashley berges

Healthy is Sexy Part 1 The way we eat directly correlates to our quality of our life. Beginning five years ago, I put a stop to eating meat, pork, and chicken. I’m a pescatarian meaning I eat fish. Eating fish that’s caught wild is a beautiful source for healthy protein. When I was young, I […]

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Oral Hygiene will save your life and get you laid!

Get laid more

Ladies and Gentlemen: You know how Bob Barker said, at the end of each and every Price is Right, “Help control the pet population, have your pets spayed and neutered”. This is an important subject for a host to address because it’s consistently reminding viewers to help the situation making the world a better place to live. […]

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Your Truth, Your Mantra, Your New Reality

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Part 1: Follow this mantra daily by repeating it out loud and often to remind yourself of your TRUTH. I am a source of love and light. I resonate with the higher frequency. What’s does not resonate with my higher frequency will move away from me for my good and my higher self. My body […]

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Are you in your own way?

personal roadblock

Personal Roadblock Why do you stand in your own way of personal success? When it comes to getting it all together, putting your life plan in motion, why do most of us hesitate, stop, or turn all the way around and avoid helping ourselves get to the next level?   12 Reasons we stand in our […]

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Do you suffer from poor body image?

got poor body image

When a person suffers from poor body self image, the first thing they do is judge themself against everyone else. There’s a difference between a healthy competition and personal assault. When we judge ourselves against others, we judge our warts and all and magnify our so-called negative traits. With this magnification we are comparing ourselves […]

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