Daily Routine Helps Make an Empath’s Life Successful

This post was written by Rhonda Wasserman

Original content by Ashley Berges

Having an empathic ability is a superpower. Often empaths see this as a burden. How do we deal with day-to-day life, process our emotions, and become more successful than overwhelmed or sad? Let’s walk through a routine that can be helpful to preserve our ability and use it for its highest good.  

Being an empath is an amazing quality that many of us possess. It is very powerful, a superpower. Unfortunately, many of us that have this ability often feel as though it is a burden, and overwhelming. We process so much emotion. Things come at us daily from the news on tv and social media to the people we connect with. We can feel the pain and suffering of others. 

It is essential to learn how to become more successful, focus more on our day, and take care of ourselves and our responsibilities. We also need to become more self-aware and aware of our self-care. 

The first thing that we can do to become more successful and use our superpower for good is to wake up in the proper way in the morning. We need to wake up and not turn on the tv in the morning or look at social media. When we turn on the news first thing in the morning, we spiral down because of all the negativity we are hearing. Morning becomes a negative spiral when we start it with the television news on.

It is important to not close ourselves off from what is happening in the world. We need to preserve our superpowers. There is a need to wake up and facilitate a feeling of being aware of taking care of ourselves and feeling good about the things we need to do to begin our day. 

We also need to consider mindset. Mindset is everything. As an empath, we help so many people, we are there for them, care about them, and help them. We feel and process emotions. We cannot do these things if we are feeling helpless and depressed. When we are empaths, we must be aware of the outlets that make us feel overwhelmed, depressed, and helpless. Remember we have a superpower, when we have a superpower and feel helpless, how can we help anyone else? 

The third thing is that the world is based on our beliefs, and our beliefs are based on our thoughts. If we believe that the world is a scary place and painful place, we will see this created in front of our own eyes. On the contrary, if we believe that the world is a calm and helpful place, then we will see that as well.

If we are bombarded by things that make us afraid and overwhelmed, we will color our lives in that same pattern. The same applies when we see things in a helpful, calm way. We will see the world that way. As an empath, it is much better to be in a state of calm than to be in a state of fear.

Lastly, being an empath is a gift. It is a gift that we can share and use to help others. We are only able to help others if we help ourselves. If we are inundated with the media that is impacting us in a negative way, it makes us feel overwhelmed and stressed. In effect, we are not able to use our superpower because all the energy has been sucked out of us. If we open the floodgates to everything, we will not be able to feel our feelings. As a result, we will not be able to help the loved ones in our lives. 

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