Where does passion come from?

First Segment

Guest:  Ronn Head, producer and film-maker, has contributed to the highest rated, most talked about, and Emmy award winning programs appearing on ABC, NBC, Discovery, TLC, and the Food Network. 

What you have to say is only as important as your ability to convey it for others to understand and interrupt correctly.  When you understand why you see things a certain way and what cloud and color your judgment, you begin to understand others and where they are metaphorically coming from.  When you understand yourself and others, you have a distinct advantage that 98% of the world doesn’t.

Second Segment

Berges is joined in studio by producer and film-maker, Ronn Head to discuss TV and film as a medium and the process of getting started in film or any craft.  Berges asks Head how he began his passion for his particular life path, and the process of taking an idea from one’s life/one’s head and making it into a feature film.

Third Segment

Jake Busey joins Perspectives for The Busey Minute, Busey’s thoughts and perspectives about life.  Cynthia Smoot gives us the 411 on where to go and what to do over the weekend.  Ronn and Berges continue their conversation on taking a passion and making it into a unique life path.  Berges gives pointers on how to live true to your life path and find happiness and love from your work, your family, and everyone you come into contact.

Forth Segment

Berges and Ronn continue illuminating unique perspectives on life and how to take your unique perspective and make it into an art form.  Film like other creation comes from you, your life perspective, and you have the amazing ability to co-create in this world.  You can offer others freedom and salvation versus negativity and fear manipulation.  Be all you can be and give your beautiful perspective.


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