How to be understood by others and get what you want.

First Segment

Guests:  Matthew Curry with BPAX.TV, Lisa Stroup, Brent Paxton, Melissa Poe, and Maddie Poe with Big Rich Texas.

Weekly Segments: Jake Busey and the Busey Minute and Cynthia Smoot w/ Out and About with Cynthia

The way we see the world is important because it can lead the human race to closing the gap  in the understanding of others and understanding the world.  When you understand why you see things a certain way and what clouds and colors your judgement, you begin to understand others and metaphorically where they are coming from.

Second Segment

Personal perspective is what makes the individual interesting and also difficult to understand.  What you have to say is only as important as your ability to convey it for others to understand and interrupt correctly.  Berges engages her studio guests to explain, show, and demonstrate their personal perspective by giving their thoughts on various situations and possible outcomes.

Third Segment

Jake Busey and The Busey Minute, Cynthia Smoot and Out and About.  Melissa Poe and her daughter Maddie from Big Rich Texas are in the Perspectives studio tonight.  We’re talking about things you can do to learn more about the world around you.

Fourth Segment

Berges gives you the tools you need to be understood by others every time.  Having your own perspective is awesome but even better is getting your perspective across for others to understand, learn, and help shape the world with you.  You have the ability to change the world for the better but first you have to be understood by others so they understand who you are and what you want to do!

The 10 Day Challenge to Live Your True Life gives you the tools to be understood and get all that you want from life.

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