How film and media impact every aspect of your life.

First Segment

Guest:  Joe Petricca, Executive Vice Dean of the AFI Conservatory

Perspectives is taking a deep look into film, TV, and advertising and how all three of these mediums have defined our culture and all generations.  Because we are bombarded by media, we don’t realize the impact media has on every aspect of our life.  Once you realize the impact media has upon you, you can begin to realize what’s true and what’s propaganda.

Second Segment

Tonight’s show is centered on discussing film and its inherent impact on each generation beginning with the Baby Boomers Generation, continuing to Generation X, and ending our discussion with Generation Y.  Within this action-packed hour, we discuss specific films and the generational changes that they helped create.

Third Segment

Joe and Berges discuss their favorite films and the films that positively impact and impacted their lives.  What are your favorite films of all time?  Why are they your favorites?  Film and TV impact our lives and it’s smart to choose your media intake wisely.  When you choose wisely, you take into consideration all aspects of the media you are intaking and how it will impact your life.  When we don’t think about it and don’t care we usually intake negative media that impacts us in negative and unsuccessful ways.

Fourth Segment

Cynthia Smoot gives her Perspective on what to do in Texas this week.  Berges does the Perspectives Wrap Up and gives the keys to selecting your media thoughtfully and mindfully.  Remember what you see and what you hear is mental intake and does impact your decisions, your thoughts, your attitude, and your future.  Negative media will shut down your imagination and brings you into a fearful thinking process.

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