How much stress do you have in your job?

First Segment

Guests:  Melissa Newton, Reporter for CBS 11 and TXA 21.  Michelle Lamont, Principle at Lamont Media Consulting Group and Cynthia Smoot with Out and About.

Perspectives is taking a look into STRESS when it relates to your chosen career path.  When you select the career path you want to pursue, the last thing you consider is the level and amount of stress you are going to be dealing with.  How much stress is too much?

Second Segment

The 2012 Most Stressful Jobs poll recently emerged with Enlisted Soldier as number one.  The top ten includes news reporting and public relations executives.  Berges discusses stress with a television news reporter and a public relations principle, being that their careers are in the top 10 most stressful careers, Berges goes to the source.  Berges asks Melissa and Michelle for their perspectives when it comes to the stress in the work place that can be overwhelming, and how to effectively deal with and make stress work for you.

Third Segment

Berges gets Smoot’s Perspective on what to do this coming week in Texas.

Fourth Segment

Berges and Michelle and Melissa talk about dealing with career stress and how to get past it.  Berges gives the 5 ways to overcome stress and make it work to your advantage.  Stress doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it can be a motivational tool that you can use to your advantage and to give you a mental edge.

Signs and Symptoms of Stress:

What is burnout?


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