What impact does the nightly news and TV have on our daily lives?

First Segment

Guests:  Tammy Dombeck, DFW Reporter/Traffic Reporter, CBS11 & Stuart Boslow, Executive Producer of KTXD.

Perspectives is taking a deeper look into film, TV, and advertising and how all three of these mediums have defined our culture and all generations.  Tonight, we discuss the impact of TV and the nightly news and how it has changed over the generations and how it effects us daily.

Second Segment

Tonight’s show is centered around the news media and TV and its inherent impact on the most recent generations.  Berges talks with Tammy and Stuart about specific TV shows and the generational changes they have helped to create.  Perspectives takes it a step further and discusses the changes in the news media.  If it bleeds…If it bleeds it gets high ratings is the name of the game.  Sadly, the viewers aka: The American People are bombarded by fear on a daily basis because of news shows trying to get higher ratings.

Third Segment

What happened to quality news?  The news that is on now is fear-based and designed for ratings.  It’s like watching a train wreck and knowing it’s going to be awful and you can’t take your eyes off it.  For some of us, the train wreck is not what we wish to see on the news, we want to be educated and gain more knowledge.  Will their ever be positive and invigorating news?  Will our news ever change to bring about joy and happiness and to help us realize we aren’t alone.

Fourth Segment

Cynthia Smoot gives us her perspective on what to do this week to get more perspective.  The segment is summarized with Tammy, Stuart, and Berges giving their perspective on where news should go and how to get there.  Ashley gives the answers to finding happiness and blocking negativity from your life.  When you begin with eliminating nightly news from your going to bed routine, you wake happier, healthier, and powerful.

Another perspective on why news is so negative now:  http://hnn.us/article/1134

Ran across this site, haven’t checked in to it but will shortly:  http://www.dailygood.org

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