How to remove negative thoughts and have complete clarity

This post was written by Ashley Berges

How to remove negative thoughts and have complete clarity How to remove negative thoughts and have complete clarity

Removing the negative broken record forever and creating true clarity


In my Life Coaching practice, I am able to get to the heart of an emotional matter by peeling back a client’s life experiences.  Often, when a painful situation occurs in a person’s life, they internalize the pain, construct thoughts, and place personal judgments. Over time, those thoughts and personal judgments become engrained.  When thoughts, images, and judgments become engrained they are difficult to remove because the person that has them doesn’t even realize they exist.  For example, in day-to-day life we usually see the new things that appear and overlook what’s always been there.  The same applies for the thoughts that run in our own minds. Those running thoughts that continue over and over again become background noise, a broken record, that unfortunately controls everything a person does and feels.

Example:  A client has a broken record playing over and over in their head.  The record spins the same negative thoughts all the time: I’m a loser, I will never add up to anything, etc.  Many times the broken record has been playing for so long that the person doesn’t know of its existence and sometimes the person knows exactly what the record is playing.

I begin to try and find out when the first time the record was introduced.  Through steady work and allowing the client to go off on small tangents, but keeping them on course, I am able to get to the source.  The broken record is affecting everything this person does, every day, every minute of their life, it’s impacting their love life, their career, and everything in between.  Due to its sheer power, I choose to deal with these broken records immediately.

These records are introduced into a person’s head in three ways:

  1. An important person in their life told them this negative information a: dad, mom, or grandparent.  That person, in there life, could have instilled it once or numerous times impacting the person for the rest of their life.
  2. Several people in their life told them this negative information and they began to believe it.
  3. They have told themselves this negative information because of the actions of others towards them or due to personal guilt for something they have done. Often the guilt derives from things they have done and they have never told another person.

The sentence:  Take this to the grave, rings a bell for many people.  These are the things/actions a person plans to keep tucked inside for the rest of their life.  These things, depending on the nature of the actions being hidden can cause extreme stress, personal anger, and a negative playing broken record.  The idea of taking something to the grave is sometimes the responsible option, but it ‘s tough to do and to have internal peace.

The Catholic Church has confessional, in confessional the person tells the priest their sins and in return that person must do a number of Hail Mary’s, Our Father, and Stations of the Cross as penitence.  I believe the concept was creating to allow people to get things off their chess that they would usually take to the grave. This process helps people to get it out, to mourn it, and to begin to move on with their lives.  You can do the same thing with a psychologist and a certified and licensed life coach.  These people are held to secrecy or they lose their license to practice.  In the case where telling a loved one the situation will only create pain in their life, going to a life professional, like me, can remove the burden from you, allow healing, and without placing the burden on loved ones.
The importance of getting something off your mind…Example: Many people wake up in the morning with lots of thoughts in their mind.  And when you try and remember every thought without writing them down, you forget some of them.  The conscious mind can hold on to about 4 thoughts without forgetting one.  If you want to remember those 4, you can’t introduce new thoughts/creative ideas.  However, if you write those 4 thoughts/creative ideas down, you can then allow new thoughts and concepts to come into your mind!  The same concept reigns true with the prior concept of the broken record.  If you are holding onto your thoughts/pain that occurred a year ago, five years ago, or even twenty years ago, you can’t get past the guilt and self anger you have inside to move on.   The guilt and personal anger is causing you to personally destroy the good things in your life.

I help a client, by quickly arriving at the heart of the life issue, and with the knowledge of what created it, of what set it off, I then begin helping to facilitate the internal healing and begin reprogramming the person’s thoughts about them self.

In order to reprogram the person’s negative repeating thoughts otherwise known by me as the broken record, I begin by explaining to the client what needs to be done.  This is my proven tool, a life success strategy, which most of my clients call it the: Hear it, See it, Move it concept.

The Hear it…See it…Move it concept is just how it sounds.

This life-changing exercise works best when you do it any time you remember to do it.  Because most people have a broken negative record, some people suffer with an extremely negative broken record and others not as extreme, but none of them serve a positive purpose.  These records can make life almost impossible to live and at the very least the broken record, in the mind, can hold you back from the life successes and love you yearn to have.


This life-changing exercise can be done anywhere/anytime.  For the first time, it will be easier if you are by yourself, just sitting at home, and remember you are working to quiet and still the mind.  Begin by taking slow and deep breathes, through your nose is fine, or through your nose out your mouth.  As a personal preference, I prefer to breathe in through the nose and breathe out through the nose as well. As you take these slow/deep breathes, you are keeping a clear mind, without thoughts, just clarity.  Sooner than later, a thought will pop into your head, it could be anything from needing to buy toilet paper at the grocery because you are on your last roll, and you have already used your emergency roll, or it could be something extremely negative about your self, I’m ugly, I’m worthless, etc.


You begin by hearing this comment or thought.  At the time you hear the thought, change it up, begin to see the thought, don’t just hear it.  Once you turn the hearing into seeing you can see the difference between your thought and your self.  Seeing your thoughts gives you the realization that you aren’t your thoughts!

When we move from hearing to seeing, we adopt a healthy disconnect from you and your mind and this is both positive and a responsible shift.

As these thoughts come into your mind, you see them, and then you get rid of them.

You can wave them good-bye, you can shoot them out as if you are shooting skeet, and you can laugh at them to go.  You can use all of these tactics to remove these thoughts if needed.  When you perform this life success strategy daily, you become a more healthy, happy, and positive person not to mention you are on your way to mastering mediation and the ultimate clearing and quieting of the mind.


How to remove negative thoughts and have complete clarity

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