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Make confrontation work for you.

We despise even hate confrontation. Because we hate confrontation, we stray away from dealing with our problems. Avoiding confrontation causes us to toss and turn all night, be stressed out all day, and when it gets bad enough, the anger you’re carrying around affects every aspect of your life. For the most part, none of […]

Does the news make you sad?

Do daily headlines & nightly news have you contemplating asking your doctor for a prescription of sedatives and/or mood stabilizers?  When you open the newspaper or turn on the news, do you instantly get a rush of stress, anxiety, and a feeling of being powerless?  You are not alone!  Statistically speaking, more people than less […]

Snobs Suck: How to effectively deal with a snob

    Smile & Breathe.  Don’t go to their level.  Be you and be happy.  In the beginning this can feel like you are “rolling over” however this is you getting the upper hand & not playing into their childish game. See their insecurities.  When people are snobby, they are insecure.  See them and their […]

All the Single Ladies, Find Mr. Right now.

Get out of your routine.  If you’ve been going to the same places over and over and nothing, stop going to those places.  (Change is your friend) Start getting involved in what you love.  If you love kayaking, surfing, cooking, biking, etc-do that-get in a group or organization or classes and you will meet others […]

Stop Losing Sleep & Make Changes Now

Stop losing sleep & make needed changes in your life now! Are you losing sleep at night? Do you lay in bed with your mind racing? Are you constantly thinking about a specific situation in your life that’s causing you stress and headache and wondering what to do about it? Are you telling everyone you […]

Do you want to make your dreams a reality?

Do you want to make your dreams a reality? How you can make your dream a touchable reality. Are you ready to begin creating and doing instead of day dreaming and waiting? In order to make our dreams realities we must begin to take the dream out of our head and get it on paper. […]

Should you be more successful at your age?

Do you dread getting another year older?   Aging is handled and expressed differently by almost every human on the planet.  As children, prior to high school, we wanted to be older and we wanted to be older faster.  Some of us would add the half to our age.  So instead of merely being 11 […]

Are you a victim of Retail Therapy?

Are you a victim of Retail Therapy? How much therapy do you buy?  When we experience tough emotional times in our lives, people deal with these emotions in completely different ways.  Some people compartmentalize their issues, others go into a deep depression, some turn to alcohol to numb the hurt feelings, others take it out […]

Do you root for the people in your life to succeed or fail?

Do you root for the people in your life to succeed or fail? How to identify the undercover haters in your life. What do you do on a daily basis to help others succeed?  Do you positively build them up with positive and constructive advice, or do you sit back and say nothing?  Do you […]

How to find happiness and remove unhappiness from your life today.

How to find happiness and remove unhappiness from your life today. On a daily basis, I speak with a lot of people, and the majority of these people are unhappy in some way with their life.  Whether it’s their career, relationship, no relationship, growth, or growing apart, there is something.  The first thing I tell […]