Snobs Suck: How to effectively deal with a snob

This post was written by Ashley Berges

How to effectively deal with snobs


Ashley Berges


How to effectively deal with snobs

  1. Smile & Breathe.  Don’t go to their level.  Be you and be happy.  In the beginning this can feel like you are “rolling over” however this is you getting the upper hand & not playing into their childish game.

  2. See their insecurities.  When people are snobby, they are insecure.  See them and their behavior for what it truly is.
  3. Bless their HEART.  This goes for everyone, no matter how irritating and rude.  When you apply How to effectively deal with snobs
    this reasoning, you’re never lesser or at a deficit.  You are making the rules and loving life.
  4. Move on. Move on quickly.  You have more important things to do!  Move on and make life happen.
  5. Forgive don’t forget.  This isn’t the first time or the last you will interact with this behavior.  Be ready, be armed, and don’t let it take you off guard, putting you on the defense or lowering yourself to argue with them.



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