Overwhelmed by News Media?

This post was written by Ashley Berges

How can we cope with the overwhelming amount of news and media and actually do something to better this world?
Do you feel overwhelmed more often than not? Do you feel as though there are so many things to do and so little time to do them?

Lets begin by putting things into perspective, rating issues based on personal importance, and understanding the value we can bring to the problem to be an essential part of the solution.
What is most important to me?

How can I be of service to help others in my community, in my state, and even in the world?
We all need an outlet that offers help and support to others in their time of need whether human, animal, or plant. I believe we owe it to ourselves to help others. Helping others brings a feeling of wellbeing and happiness. When we get outside of ourself and help another human being or animal in need, we begin to see a much bigger dynamic and spiritually charged picture.

Who do we help first?
What connects with your heart? What are the issues that make you actually cry because you want to change the situation? I personally help others to locate their true identity. The identity you came into this Earth with and that identify was augmented in some ways. More often than not, we have low self-esteems based on our upbringing, our childhood, and our current adult life. Instead of realizing our true innate value that should gleam from us like sunlight, we see the dark, depressed, and lack that we use to define ourself. I pride myself in helping others to see their value, to embrace it, and to actually begin to value it. When we realize our value, we make life choices that are at our highest good. Instead of the usual choices that devalue us, take us down, and make us feel bad. One size doesn’t fit all, we all bring something to life’s table that we do better than anyone else. 
What is your Super Hero skill?
We all have one thing we do better than anyone else on the planet, what is that for you? In order to realize this, you must realize your value first. Once you’ve realized your value, you then must put your ego and pride aside. Once those two barriers to authentic reality are put aside, then and only then can we truly identify God’s gifts that they/them bestowed upon us. Once you identify this gift or gifts you are on your way to discovering a new path to enlightenment that will catapult you into the driver’s seat of giving back and adding value to your life. The trick is to not get overwhelmed by everything and to put the world’s causes into perspective and to realize where you can help. We all have a special skill, a super hero skill that we have mastered, unveil it to the world and help others with it!

Simple ways of quieting the outside world:
Remember, you can watch as much or as little of news/media as you want.
Do your part.
Don’t underestimate your part.
There’s power in numbers.
We are here for a definite reason/reasons.
Find your super hero skill and use it to help others.

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