Turn down the outside noise in order to hear your inner truth.

This post was written by Ashley Berges

Every day of our life we are bombarded by noise and the noise is devised to get you off your target. What is my target you ask?

Your target is your purpose, your duty, it is what you want to accomplish in this life, the goals you want to achieve, and the authentic ways you want to help others. Our purpose is directly related to the betterment of society. When we align ourself to our purpose or target we align ourself to helping others in our own unique way that only we can.

How important is your target and purpose?
Your target or purpose is the reason you were put on this planet. And you subconsciously already know it, you just may not be aware of it consciously. In order to tap into your purpose you must quiet the mind, work to eliminate fear and silence the outside chatter that can take over our minds and our lives.

How do you tap into your purpose?
You tap into your purpose by asking yourself deep questions about what you love about life, what do you love to do, what inspires you, and what brings and provides joy into your life? When I was young, I knew I wanted to write, I was already writing essays for my mom to read. She was so sweet, she would read my writings and actually comment about each part and how she felt when reading it and how it impacted her. I knew I had something to say, that I felt deeply and that I wanted to help people find themselves. Most importantly, I knew I cared about people and I wanted the best for them. When I was in second grade, I gave advice to my babysitter, she was in her late teenage years, around 17, and she was going through a tough time with an abusive family member. I impacted her life in a positive way and I know I helped. I believe that was a tell-tell sign with regards to my purpose however, it took me a few years once I hit adulthood to connect with my purpose. It may be obvious but we must actually see our purpose, our skills and believe in them. As we grow and learn we cultivate our skill set, by cultivating our skill set we have the ability to master our purpose and create something bigger than ourself.
The noise on the other hand silences our inner calling, it gets us confused and off target by focusing our energy on things out side of us.
Noise is presented in a multitude of ways and noise is just that, it may haphazardly apply to you but it often doesn’t. Whether it’s politics or arguments, these do not lead to mindfulness these lead to disjointed thoughts that take us from our intended journey and keep us in a state of flux and something mixed emotions.

How you can silence the noise to hear your inner calling:

  1. Start a journal, a fresh one, and begin on page one with identifying what you love, what impacts your life, and identify the skills you possess that make you stand out from others. This is not to judge yourself or others but to put your skill set into perspective. Example: I can do math, however I am not a mathematician. On the other hand I am an extremely qualified public speaker, and that stands me apart from others. I’m not good at everything but good at what I’m good at.
  2. Work on your skill set daily. Sharpen your skills and care about your inner growth.
  3. Turn off the TV, stop engaging in the rant that takes you off target from learning about you.
  4. Your belief in this world is paramount. If you believe this place is a bad and scary place then it is and your dreams will never come true. Instead, if you believe this place is a good place where you can excel and be successful then you will be! Don’t buy into the hype of negativity, don’t let them steal your joy.

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