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Why Emotional Walls do more Damage than Good

Often times people put an emotional wall around them. This is done because most likely they were hurt in the past and are afraid of getting hurt again. We build these walls to protect a broken heart or hide our identity We build up emotional walls because of things that may have happened to us […]

The Truth about being Painted Black

Original content by Ashley Berges When someone is alienated or villainized by a family member, friend, or acquaintance they are being painted black. Finding out that you have been painted black is a very challenging position to be in. Oftentimes, we are not aware that we have been painted black. It may feel as though something […]

Is He Controlling you? 8 Signs that Indicate Yes

Original content by Ashley Berges Are you in a relationship with a controlling man? Often control goes under the radar and we misconstrue control for something completely different. Identifying and understanding when you are controlled will be very powerful for you to figure out. Here are 8 signs that you are in a relationship with […]

What is the Impact of Co-Dependency in your life?

Original content by Ashley Berges Co-dependency and being co-dependent are words we hear often. It may make you wonder if you are co-dependent or if your partner is co-dependent? Much of the time we are unaware that we may be co-dependent.  We may spend a considerable amount of time worried and concerned about others, while not having the […]

Love Bombing, How to Know the Difference between Manipulation and True Love

Original content by Ashley Berges Is love bombing manipulation or is it real? We need to know where this love bombing is coming from and why it is happening.   Many people are either the love bomber or the one being love bombed.  No matter the role played, it takes two to tango.  It can feel very good […]

Feeling Controlled? Here is how to figure out if it’s Happening to you.

Original content by Ashley Berges Do you feel like you are walking on eggshells in your home? Do you live in fear of your spouse’s outbursts, causing you to monitor your every word and action around them?   We need to be able to have our own feelings and emotions. Even if these feelings are different from […]

7 Signs that you are being Controlled by Her

Original content by Ashley Berges Many of us do not realize that we are in a relationship with a woman that is controlling us. 7 major signs indicate you are in a relationship with a controlling woman. 1.  She checks your phone constantly Your significant other takes your phone and looks through your text messages to […]

Learn how to Recognize Anxiety

Original Content by Ashley Berges Most people experience anxiety at some point in their lives. Anxiety can interfere with work, education, and relationships. It may leave us feeling like we want to hide from society and life. There are many reasons we feel anxious, as it is a very common stress response.   Anxiety and feeling anxious can […]

Know the Symptoms of BPD and get Support now

Original content by Ashley Berges Life can be challenging, even more so if you have undiagnosed borderline personality disorder. BPD can make the challenges life provides more difficult than the challenges life poses to someone without it.  Professionals diagnose new cases of BPD every year. BPD is an emotional instability personality disorder.  Unstable relationships and the inability to keep […]

Here is Proof that Someone has not Changed

Original content by Ashley Berges “Please, believe me, I swear I have changed.” “ It is different this time, I have changed.”  Have you ever heard those exact words from your significant other?  Should you take them back, is this change for real this time?  We hear the words, “I have changed,” thrown around a lot.  Often, they […]