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How to Disengage using the Gray Rock Method

Original content by Ashley Berges Plain, boring, non-descriptive, these words describe a gray rock.  Safeguarding yourself against narcissistic abuse, manipulators, and gas lighters by using the gray rock method is a very useful and effective technique.   Gray rocking is the ability to make yourself not interesting to someone else.  It gives you the power to not reveal […]

Do you Speak my Love Language?

Original content by Ashley Berges Everyone feels love differently. Understanding what love language you speak will be powerful. When we understand how we feel love, we can communicate that to others.  As a result, the people that are important in our lives learn how to love us the right way. Dr. Gary Chapman created the Five […]

BPD + Co-Depedency = The Perfect Storm

Original content by Ashley Berges What makes a relationship toxic?  The word toxic seems to be a common word thrown around to describe turbulent relationships.  Toxicity in a relationship may be directly related to our inability to see someone else’s value.  Why are we not able to see someone else’s value? Most often there is an underlying […]

How does Toxic Positivity make you Feel?

Original content by Ashley Berges Toxic positivity occurs unbeknownst to the user.  Can you recognize the difference between a positive person or someone who uses toxic positivity? Everything happens for a reason, just stay positive, and you can choose to be happy.  These are three comments often used by someone who has good intentions but is toxically […]

Self-Sabotage in the Relationship

Original content by Ashley Berges Relationships can be both challenging and rewarding. When you are in a relationship with someone who self-sabotages the relationship, that person finds fault in everything their partner does.  They do this to justify leaving the relationship.  They are looking for problems in the other person.  This allows them to place the blame on their […]

They Dish it, but they can’t Take it

Original content by Ashley Berges Have you ever been in a relationship where it feels as though your partner or friend is constantly pointing out your shortcomings? Every time you bring up their actions, they twist it around and put the responsibility on you.    Most often it is a case of dealing with someone who is […]

Accepting Bad Behavior for Personal Validation: Toxic Relationships

Original content by Ashley Berges Did you know that most people struggle to find validation?  Most of us are unaware that we are even looking for it. Often, we may look outside of ourselves to find validation.  We tend to look to our friends, family, and honestly to anyone we can to find validation.  We need to consider […]