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19 Possible Signs of Narcissistic Parents

Original content by Ashley Berges Many of us have been raised by narcissistic parents. We may not even be aware of how much of an impact that has had on our lives. If a narcissistic parent or parents have raised you, it impacts you greatly. As an adult, we are left dealing with it. Being able to […]

Who’s Carrying Out the Dirty Work for the Narcissist?

Original content by Ashley Berges Having narcissists in your life can be very challenging. Have you ever thought about the people that support narcissists? They are the people that do the dirty work for the narcissist. They seem to relish in the idea that they are doing this person’s dirty work and making the lives […]

How Eating Disorders are Used as Coping Mechanisms to Gain Control

Original content by Ashley Berges  An eating disorder is a serious illness that involves a confusing relationship with food, eating, body image, and exercise. They impact approximately 30 million people in this country.  Eating disorders are very common in people with signs and symptoms of borderline personality disorder, BPD.  Eating disorders are behaviors that someone […]

Don’t Lose Your Identity by Taking on Others’ Issues

Original content by Ashley Berges It is time to take a deep dive into what you want. Not what everyone else wants but what you want. We are so busy taking on other people’s issues, or perhaps we are co-dependent, taking care of another person’s every whim, that it is difficult for us to figure […]

Collecting Red Flags to Save the Relationship

Original content by Ashley Berges We all know what red flags are in a relationship, but do we know what it means to collect red flags? Instead of just seeing the red flags we collect them. We walk through life holding these red flags, which in turn cause us stress, anxiety, resentment and question our […]

Self-Doubt, False Narratives, and Questioning one’s Value

Original content by Ashley Berges Are you aware that false narratives can occur in a relationship with your spouse? These false narratives can cause us to question ourselves, our value, and keep us in a toxic relationship. We stay in these relationships out of our fear that no one else will love us.  We hear […]

How it Starts, the Relationship between the Co-Dependent and the Borderline

Original content by Ashley Berges The relationship begins extremely fast between a co-dependent person and someone exhibiting signs and symptoms of borderline personality disorder (BPD).The couple spends enormous amounts of time together. During this time, they learn a lot about each other. The beginning starts like a fairy tale, doing things that most likely are […]

What it Feels Like to Have a Fear of Abandonment

Original content by Ashley Berges Many factors are involved when it comes to a fear of abandonment and bpd. It can be very helpful to understand it and be able to identify the signs and symptoms of the fear. One of the first indications of a fear of abandonment is that the person does not […]

Be Careful What You Tell the Narcissist

Original content by Ashley Berges Many people believe that narcissists do not ask questions because they are self-centered, but this is not an accurate belief. We need to learn how to safeguard ourselves when narcissists ask invasive and personal questions.  Often, we believe that narcissists do not ask questions. Contrary to belief, narcissists do ask […]

5 Shocking Facts about The Silent Treatment

Original content by Ashley Berges Have you ever been on the receiving end of the silent treatment? It can be an extremely sad and an unpleasant place to be. Let’s expose 5 facts about the silent treatment that you may not be aware of. 1. The silent treatment is a passive-aggressive form of emotional abuse. […]