Your Truth, Your Mantra, Your New Reality

This post was written by Ashley Berges

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Part 1:

Follow this mantra daily by repeating it out loud and often to remind yourself of your TRUTH.

I am a source of love and light.
I resonate with the higher frequency.
What’s does not resonate with my higher frequency will move away from me for my good and my higher self.
My body is a vessel, a temple, and my temple is pure and light.
I eat clean foods to fuel my temple daily.
Knowing alcohol does not fuel my temple, I regulate my intake and understand the proper diet making me light and pure.
I serve a genuine purpose on Mother Earth.
I’m here to carry forth my purpose of being true to myself in my soul’s journey.
As I embark on my true and higher purpose, I have honest direction and belief in the source and belief in myself.

by: Ashley Berges

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