What You Can Do Right Now For Others See Your True Value

This post was written by Rhonda Wasserman

Original content by Ashley Berges

Are you being devalued by others in your life? Do you feel as though your goals and dreams are put on the back burner? Does it feel like your life has stagnated and have a lot of toxic relationships in your life? Let’s look at some answers to how the people in your life can begin to realize and see your value.  

When the people around us begin to realize how valuable we are things tend to change. People behave and talk with us differently, and there is apparent respect. Our quality of life appears to be improving. Expressing our feelings and the topics we wish to discuss seems to be simpler. People are more able to comprehend us and are generally more open-minded. 

How can the people in your life realize your true value?

The first thing that you need to do to have people realize your value is: Show it. Be it. Live it. When we live right by our body, mind, heart, and soul, we show not only ourselves but the universe that we care about ourselves. 

We show ourselves that we care by doing everything we do in moderation. Whether it is about work, going out, what we eat, and what we drink, moderation is key. Moderation shows that we care and are watching what we take in, the amount of work we do, and our lifestyle. 

The second way that people in our lives can realize our value is Growth over Stagnation.

To recognize our true value and directly influence those around us, we must grow instead of stagnate. We can first do this by pushing forward toward our dreams and goals. Caring about living up to the things that matter to us. One caveat is to believe in the process and ourselves enough to try to attain our goals and dreams. 

Another way to grow instead of stagnating is to surround ourselves with people who add to our quality of life instead of those who detract from your life. 

We can also choose growth over stagnation by stopping the cycle of falling into toxic patterns and toxic activities that take us away from what is important in our life. These patterns and cycles of choosing to spend time with toxic people are a pattern. Getting into toxic love relationships is another pattern. Being involved in toxic activities such as heavy drug use and alcohol addiction is a pattern that takes us off from where we need to be. 

When we choose growth over stagnation, we choose what makes us better. We choose the things that make us rise to the occasion. 

The third way to get the people in our lives to realize our value is to become self-aware. We need to be self-aware of our strengths, and our weakness is golden. We all have strengths and weaknesses, none of us are perfect. When we know our strengths and our weaknesses we can capitalize on those strengths and we can work to eliminate the weaknesses.

When we are self-aware and working on ourselves, being honest and authentic all the time, we are walking the walk and talking the talk. This is being self-aware. When you are the same all the time people begin to respect you a lot more than they ever have before.

When we are being self-aware, we need to live by a certain motto. It is not about being better than others, it’s about being better than you were yesterday. It is time to get real with ourselves, and realize that it is not about everyone else, it’s about being better than you were yesterday. When we seriously work on ourselves from the inside out, people will see it. The more self-actualized and real we are with ourselves, the more people will be able to feel an energy from you that is so different yet so lovingly amazing. 

Our lives will change when we begin to do these things. Some people will gravitate to us because of the change in our outside demeanor. We will seem very powerful and peaceful. People will be very interested in this new change and want to get close to you, talk to you, and be around you. 

On the other hand, some people who are in our lives may choose to walk out on our life. They may choose to run out of our lives. As they walk or run, we cannot hold onto them. Sometimes we tend to hold onto someone who is leaving us. We plead with them to come back, especially the long friendships that we have had.

We need to remember that when we are making these powerful changes, when someone chooses to walk out, let them leave. The reason they are walking out is because they are not able to walk on us anymore. They are not able to take away from us or put us down anymore. Suddenly, we are no longer a use for them. 

I have given provided some very powerful things for us to employ in our lives. When we begin this inherent power and value that we have, we begin to act upon it and we begin to stop giving our power away. When people do want to be around us and want to feel our power, be cognitive of how we met them.

Do not just let everyone into your lives, we do not need to people please everyone. It is ok to be selective about the close friends that we have around us. We are working on ourselves and going places, we should be selective as to whom we keep close. We are working on our dreams, goals, and desires. Being honest with ourselves and always ourselves is very important. We deserve to spend time with people who are doing the same. 

These steps are extremely powerful and will change your life forever. It will allow other people around us to completely realize that we are highly valued individual who highly values ourselves. 

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