Do I need a life coach?

This post was written by Ashley Berges

10daychallengetoliveyourtruelifeDetermining if you honestly need a life coach is an important process. Understanding what a life coach does and how they help is part of the decision making process. I realize that people are different and no two life coaches are the same. That’s why I feel it’s important to let you know how I work, what I do, who I work with, and my specialities. I want to illuminate the way I practice and how it will benefit you. I know some of you have tried going to a life coach before and it didn’t seem to work for you. One size fits all doesn’t fit.

My specialities include: relationship coaching, synchronicity coaching, authentic lifestyle coaching, career success coaching, dietary health coaching, marriage counseling, and overall wellness coaching on all levels taking into consideration the entire client not just a portion, with the realization that all things are linked and their is no real compartmentalization of emotions. When something is adversely effecting our life, it will show up in all areas of our life.

Most of my clients choose to meet either once or a twice a week. I offer both 60 minute and 90 minute sessions based on need, availability, and direction. Because I’m based in Dallas, I also do phone sessions for clients outside of the area. Phone sessions are 30 minutes and 60 minutes. These sessions work with both out of town clients and area clients who travel. Phone sessions makes it convenient to keep the personal work progressing and the direction fresh and clear within the mind. My office in Dallas is relaxing, serene, and centrally located. It’s a historical home renovated for business and allows for driveway parking. No parking garage parking, no parking fee, and it’s easy in and out without the hike back to your car.

Most of us have areas of our life that we’d like to experience more success and happiness. Whether it’s career, marital, health, family, or interpersonal relationship, there’s room for improvement. I am proud of the work I do with my clients. With constant breakthroughs, I experience the synergy, feel the mutual work both myself and the client are manifesting, and the client observes for themselves on a daily basis their beautiful reality.

Throughout the years, I’ve created a multiprocess that works for my clients. We experience breakthroughs every session and share in the eureka effect. Listening with personal clarity is a highly important skill to bring of a certified life coach. I’ve realized in order to ask insightful questions, one has to be in tip top shape meaning: I do not consume soft drinks, caffeine, and I do not take any pharmaceuticals. This is important when choosing a life coach. The life coach you choose must be clear heading and aware of you and your needs. The healthier you eat and drink the healthier your body becomes. Throughout some of my sessions, I make artisan fresh non-processed juices for clients, these help to alleviate stress, foggy head, and the onset of depression. I create diets for some clients that take into consideration the whole client, blood type, activity level, and dietary needs. I’ve also created exercise/work out plans, daily schedules, with honest explanation of calories, fat, body type, and body needs.

A life coach is a person who is trained to understand the human condition and who can relate to their clients, listen, and get to the heart of the matter. I chose to become a life coach because I love to help others find their true calling, their purpose, and to learn how to embrace their life and themselves. Everyone has that one thing they do better than anyone else on the planet. I can help you find that one thing and we can work together to solidify your direction, drive, and success. It’s always good to have someone working with you to help you find your true life.

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