Does the news make you sad?

This post was written by Ashley Berges

Ashley Berges

Ashley Berges

Do daily headlines & nightly news have you contemplating asking your doctor for a prescription of sedatives and/or mood stabilizers? 

When you open the newspaper or turn on the news, do you instantly get a rush of stress, anxiety, and a feeling of being powerless?  You are not alone!  Statistically speaking, more people than less feel the same way.  Hope is a joyful feeling and without the feeling or presence of hope, we can feel powerless and lifeless.  Some people have chosen not to watch the news and read the newspaper because of their overwhelming feeling of powerlessness.

Ashley Berges


Because it’s important to know what’s taking place in the world around you, I’ve come up with a more effective and unique way of getting your power and hope back.  Even though you can’t be president tomorrow, you can take your power back and grow exponentially in the process.




Ashley Berges



 1.    Do something to aid in the betterment of the environment around you.

*Thought:  You don’t have to go far to better the environment, start in your own backyard and in your own neighborhood.

2.   Volunteer for an organization that help people who have less than you.

*Thought:  Find a local organization that’s helping the less fortunate, and find yourself a unique role that you will be happy and fulfilled by doing.

3.  Be a leader. 

*Thought:  Things don’t change unless they are brought to light and other people see them for what they are.

4.  Teach by example.

*Thought:  Be the positive change you want to see in the world 🙂

5.  Open your eyes to what’s not being shown on the nightly news.

*Thought:  Educate yourself with various news sources.  Just because you don’t see it on local news doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

6.  Start a group of your own, that supports positive acts of kindness and pay it forward. 

*Thought:  You can create positive and lasting relationships that help to inspire peace and love in this world.  You have the power to do anything.  Make it positive and make it lasting!

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3 Responses

  1. jratkins says:

    Excellent points. I recall my Dad getting mad at the TV during the evening news. He would say “is that your opinion or the news” to the newscaster and other comments. Today, we record the news in our home and watch it on our DVR so that we can fast forward through the frustrating stuff.

    • EdChiarini says:

      jratkins You must understand that the news is not real.  It has become stages scripted out events that have an adgenda.  It has nothing to do with informing you, it has everything to do with conditioning the people to remove your common sense and critical thinking abilities, adn replace it with an actor based reality that keep the people in a constant state of fear.  Fearfull people are reactionary and easily manipulated.   Over time it just gets eaiser for them to fool the people. Not all of the people but the majority.  Your father was one that wasnt fooled.

  2. Mike Ledoux says:

    Awesome stuff.