Are you in your own way?

This post was written by Ashley Berges

personal roadblock
Personal Roadblock

Why do you stand in your own way of personal success? When it comes to getting it all together, putting your life plan in motion, why do most of us hesitate, stop, or turn all the way around and avoid helping ourselves get to the next level?


12 Reasons we stand in our own way of success:


1. Judgment: You judge yourself on the basis that you’re not good enough.

2. Scared: The fear of success and the uncertainty of where it will lead you.

3. Standing out: You’re scared of putting yourself out there to be judged.

4. Comfort zone: Your comfort zone is in your mind not trailblazing.

5. Unknown: You are scared of the unknown.

6. Disbelief: You don’t believe you can succeed.

7. Worn down: You feel beaten down by life and tired all the time.

8. Holy Crap (where’s the Tylenol): You feel overwhelmed and scared with the inability to make choices.

9. History dictates your future: You let your historical reference tell you how to live instead of you co-creating your own reality.

10. Limitations: You allow your limiting thoughts to create limiting behaviors.

11. Product: You’re a product of your environment.

12. Family history: You can only be as successful as your family is or was.


What can you do to begin to change the course of your life? What can you do to make a big enough change to begin to co-create in your own life? Return to blog and learn the master steps this Thursday.

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