Are you happy? Wish #2: Trading in Your Spouse

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Are you happy?

Wish #2:

Some clients have voiced that they would ask for a new spouse or girl/boy-friend. The Grass is Greener Theory

If a person is in a negative relationship i.e.: spousal abuse, etc, this is a different situation all together and will be addressed in a different manor.  For the sake of this reasoning, I speak of the individual that has become bored of the relationship and looking for fun/excitement.  Being in a committed relationship takes work from both parties.  Working to keep your relationship growing and healthy is a daily commitment that can’t be overlooked and it can be very stimulating and powerful.


Motto:  Remember the grass looks intensely greener on the other side and from a distance for sure!  When we look from a distance, the grass might not be grass; it could be Astroturf or even green painted concrete.


For the most part, everyone at one time or another has thought about trading in their significant other for a different model.  Progressing and growing in this world can be challenging sometimes with all of our commitments and responsibilities bundled on top.  Even more challenging, is the challenge to grow together as a couple.  In order to grow together as a couple, both participants must allow the other to do what they want to do.  In order to be a couple and a healthy couple at that, both individuals do not need to spend every waking minute together.  A couple is made of two people not one person and both people have their likes and dislikes.  Both of you might like to do things together but sometimes would like to do your own thing, and that should be allowed and accepted.  There is truth to the saying:  If you let a bird free, it will come back to you if it was meant to be.  I did paraphrase that saying a little but the truth remains.  If you happily allow someone space and personal time they will that much more want to spend time with you.

On the other hand if you are constantly smothering and watching over them, they will get depressed, then angry, and eventually run away.

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