Are you happy? Wish #3: More Time

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Are you happy?

Wish #3:

The wish for more time, and the wish for beginning a career at an earlier age (wishing for success at an earlier age.)  The wish for more time is a shallow wish with an obvious answer.  The wish for more time stems from the fact that many of us, for the most part, don’t make the most out of the time we have been given.  There is a tendency to put off tomorrow what can be done today.  Finishing a task can feel good and be very therapeutic.  Unfortunately when we continue to put things off, there is too much to do, and it becomes overwhelming and rarely accomplished due to fear and the shear man hours to undertake the lot.  Success and time


Putting aside procrastination, the want for more time can stem from feeling like time is flying by.  In essence time is somewhat flying by, but why did time feel differently when we were young kids?  Remember when you were 5 and the days felt awfully long and you wanted to be 6, so you told everyone you were 5 ½.  As a child, for the most part, we had no responsibilities.  With no responsibilities comes lots of free time.  However a child experiences everything especially new experiences with all senses and doesn’t overlook life and the present moment.  Go back into your memory bank and remember some of the happiest and most fun memories of your childhood.  In those memories, I bet you remember all different facets of where you were, how you felt, and what was going on all around you.

Those memories are so richly colored in your mind because you can remember them as if they happened yesterday because you were truly living in the present.  Now lets move into some happy and fun memories from recent.  Are these memories as richly colored and remembered like the ones from your childhood? Probably not!  In our childhood memories we weren’t on the phone, emailing, or texting the entire time.  We weren’t concerned with needing to be somewhere else or wanting to be somewhere else and probably with different people all together.

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