Are you happy? Wish #1: A Fun and Exciting Life

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Are you happy? 

When people ask others if they are happy, it’s an interesting question. Do you wish for happiness?

What does being happy truly mean?  I feel generally happy for the most part but in no way am I jumping up and down and yelling it from the rooftops.  I like to think that happiness is equated with contentment to some degree.  How content are you with regards to yourself, your work, your private life, etc.


If a magical fairy/genie came into your life this minute and asked you, what are you missing in your life, and the fairy will supply your want on immediate request, what, if anything, would you ask for?  At this time, do an honest assessment; remember it’s only you that can hear your own thoughts!  What would you ask for?


Wish #1:

Many of my clients want a more fun and exciting life.  How do you create a more fun and exciting life?  You create a more fun and exciting life by doing the things you love and sometimes venturing into the unknown.  Instead of doing the same thing every evening, go dancing, join a fun group, and put yourself out there.  Excitement will come, but it can be difficult to enter your life if you are always home, watching television, wearing a bathrobe by 8pm.  Get out and do different things, do what you like, and the excitement is automatically built in. A Fun and Exciting Life

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