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Who’s in your way?

Recently, I came across a song by Calvin Harris that exemplifies the way many of us think in our day-to-day life. Many of us feel as though we’re being held back, we can’t do what we want to do in our life, and we’re waiting for that time when all of the doors open, the walls […]

The BPD and Codependent Relationship Explained.

Are you in a relationship with someone with untreated BPD? Do you suffer from untreated codependency? Do you find that you are holding onto the relationship in hopes it will get better? Do you look forward to a time where your significant other will understand you and see the value you bring to their life? […]

Am I Suffering from Clinical Depression?

Depression is Real. How to know if you’re dealing with Clinical Depression Are you feeling overwhelmed, hopelessness, anger, and even restlessness, you may be suffering from clinical depression. Depression is a real illness, there are three million new cases a year. Depression can affect anyone, you do not need to have a family history of […]

Make the Most of Your Life.

How do we get the most out of our day-to-day life and truly experience life? One thing that truly gets in our way of experiencing life and propelling ourself forward is FEAR. Fear is false evidence appearing real. In order to get a handle on fear we must become aware when we go into fear […]