The BPD and Codependent Relationship Explained.

This post was written by Ashley Berges

Are you in a relationship with someone with untreated BPD? Do you suffer from untreated codependency? Do you find that you are holding onto the relationship in hopes it will get better? Do you look forward to a time where your significant other will understand you and see the value you bring to their life? In the beginning, the attention from the BPD was beyond anything you had ever experienced, and then things changed. Watch this video and receive more clarity into your specific relationship, understand you’re not alone and get some understanding into why you are making the choices that you’re making. To watch the video on this subject, go to this link on YouTube: 
For more information on BPD and the symptoms watch this previous video: more information on The 10 Day Challenge: order your copy of The 10 Day Challenge:

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