Am I Suffering from Clinical Depression?

This post was written by Ashley Berges

Depression is Real. How to know if you’re dealing with Clinical Depression

Are you feeling overwhelmed, hopelessness, anger, and even restlessness, you may be suffering from clinical depression. Depression is a real illness, there are three million new cases a year. Depression can affect anyone, you do not need to have a family history of depression. Often when we are suffering from depression we don’t know it, making it more difficult to understand why we are feeling a specific way or why we feel sad and joyless.

Some of us are living with a significant other who is dealing with depression and we don’t know what is going on, so it’s challenging to find the right words of encouragement.

Knowledge is power, and when someone is suffering from clinical depression a combination of these sixteen symptoms will be present for at least two weeks or more every day. 

Trouble concentrating, remembering details and making decisions 


Feeling of guilt, worthlessness and helplessness

Pessimism and Hopelessness

Insomnia, early morning wakefulness, or sleeping to much



Loss of interest in things once pleasurable including sex

Overeating or not eating much at all 

Aches, pains, headaches, and/or cramps that won’t go away, unexplained 

Possible digestive issues 

Persistent anxious, sad, or empty feelings

Anxiety or Agitation

Anger Outbursts

Unexplained physical symptoms

Suicidal thoughts or attempts

These are the symptoms of clinical depression and knowing this information can help you and your loved ones. You owe it to yourself or your loved ones to get the help needed to find your joyful truth because you are valuable and the world needs you. 

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